Playtime for Adults – An Erotic Board Game – Review

Playtime for Adults – An Erotic Board Game – Review

This is my first erotic board game review. It certainly makes a change after hundreds of vibrator tests. Its also the first time that Im going to play a board game with explicitly erotic intentions. I must admit that Im looking forward to it a great deal. Im imagining, at this stage, that it wont matter who wins; the objective is to enjoy all the sexual activities that will inevitably pop up – pun intended – as we play.

I haven’t played a board game for years. The last time that I did so was with my first boyfriend and his parents. His mother often suggested that we play Trivial Pursuit together as a foursome. Upon reflection, it was probably her way of making sure that we werent spending time alone in his bedroom and having sex under their family roof.

I absolutely hated it. This was because – at eighteen years of age – my general knowledge was pretty limited. It was also a concern that my boyfriends scary mother might use the game to humiliate me somehow. So, in order not to appear like a bimbo or a piece of the furniture, I made sure that I rolled the dice and read the questions even though I had absolutely no idea what the answers might be. It was an incredibly disempowering experience.

Now, years later, I have no annoying in-laws to worry about. I call the shots where any boardgame activities are concerned. I took one look at Playtime 4 Adults, called my current boyfriends and told him to bring condoms, come over and bring a playful attitude. He arrived wearing an excessive number of layers of clothing. It appeared as though he had prepared in advance for a game of strip poker that he was intent on winning.

It just so happens that hes not an English speaker. So, he had to rely upon me to read the rules and the cards, on his behalf and explain them to him as we went along. ‘I hope that you’re not cheating’ he said a few times during the game. His doubtful expression made me feel quite frisky.


Playtime for adults is an exciting board game intended to be played by couples or liberal groups of up to four people. You have to take it in turns to roll the dice and advance around the board.

There are either four rounds or eight rounds. With each new level, the required actions become ever more intense. For example, if you land on a ‘kiss’ square on the first round, it is just a quick peck. On level four, however, it becomes a full on snog and youre allowed to feel each other up. No climax is permitted though. On level one, danceis a romantic dance to ‘your song’. By level 4 it becomes a naked lap dance.’I didn’t know that you could dance so well.’ my partner explained to me as I ground my pelvis up against him.

Other activities in the board game that were particularly enjoyable included removing an item of clothingand the massage. Who doesn’t like a massage? On level one, it was on top of the clothes. On level four, it progressed to a naked, full-body massage. Mmmm, indeed.

There are also lots and lots of cards. This ensures that every time you play, there will be different outcomes. For example, there are ‘Ultimate’ cards that each player collects every time you pass ‘start’. You can use these on other occasions, or during the game, as you wish. This means that the game can continue for a long time. Some Utimatecards of particular note are the porn casting roleplayand shaving each other’s genitals. Others can determine exactly what you like about your partner and/or questions about your sexual preferences or fantasies.

There are also cards such as Flirty, Horny, Naughty and numerous others. I can tell that the creators have put an enormous amount of hard work and inspired imagination into every aspect of this game. You would need to play hundreds of times to become familiar with all of the cards. This suggests that there are potentially thousands of outcomes to look forward to.

It’s is much more than an erotic game. The Would you rather?cards are not all sexual in nature and they make it interesting to discover more intimate details about each other. One, in particular, that I remember was Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?

I think that this game is ideal for couples who are looking to spice things up; it offers up many ideas that you might not have even considered before. It is also ideal for couples getting to know each other. It could be an excellent icebreaker for a new relationship.

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USABILITY: It was necessary to both consult the rule book before playing and then refer to it constantly throughout the game. I still smile to myself when I remember just how much lascivious fun we had. Not being able to properly smooch and snuggle, until the game gave us permission to do so, just made us desire each other more.

There is also an app in development. This will be great news if you want to play when you’re travelling without having to bring the physical game with you.

Btw, I won.

All in all, it’s a fun exploration of intimacy and a seduction tool for couples. It permits you to enjoy each other’s bodies, indulge in situational silliness and break your usual sexual routine.

There were also some squares that had champagne glasses, like in a drinking game. Neither myself or my partner drink alcohol. So, we just threw the dice again to advance to another square. The ‘drink up’ square might be useful for those individuals who are feeling a little inhibited. But, make sure you can at least remember the game afterwards because it really is a lot of fun.

ORGASM-O-BILITY:  After the game – and my victory – the sex was mindblowing. It just goes to show that extended foreplay sessions are an excellent way to multiply the passion factor.

PROS: Highly original. Entertaining. Varied. I’m still smiling when I recall playing it.

CONS: We were so horny before we started, it was difficult to concentrate on the rules before commencing play.


  • Spicing up your sex life.
  • Couples, throuples and more, irrespective of sexual orientation and gender.
  • A Christmas present to enjoy with your partner.
  • Competitive couples.

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