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Pillo Dame Products A Sex Pillow Review

I’ve had Pillo, a sex pillow from Dame Products for several years and I absolutely love it. It is s soft yet firm pillow for sex that supports you at every angle. But it’s not only for sex. 


I actually have it on my sofa so I can pop it under my knees when I sit or lie on my sofa while I’m reading, watching a movie or even testing out a sex toy. I don’t usually have partnered sex on my sofa, but if I’m fortunate enough to indulge in partner play, I take Pillo to my bedroom. It is perfect for putting under my buttocks to raise my pelvis during cunnilingus. 

Pillo Dame

I don’t know about you but it takes me quite a while to reach climax when receiving oral sex. Sometimes I feel awkward when it takes a long time. I just hope that my lover isn’t getting bored or tired. Pillo is actually great to prevent neck aches during lengthy cunnilingus sessions and it’s so comfortable to lie on.

Pillo Dame

It’s also amazing to have it under your pelvis if you lie face down and wish to enjoy penetration. It’s also incredibly flattering for your derriere. You could enjoy it like this for spanking, rimming and penetration. 

You can even use it to make missionary position sex deeper and more stimulating. 

Pillo Dame

There is no doubt that Pillo enriches experimentation, elevates your favorite positions, and seamlessly blends into your bedroom at naptime.

Pillo is comfy-soft yet structurally firm, allowing you to take familiar positions and elevate and enhance them. 

Pillo Dame

 Pillo is a firm wedge made with Polyurethane foam. It has a cover that is made with a 100% cotton shell. It is machine washable. With its washable outer cover and inner liner, Pillo cleans up great and blends right into your bedroom. It looks and feels like a regular pillow — just with a bit of an edge.


Get your own Pillo sex pillow from Dame Products here.


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