Pelvic Floor Training

Perifit + Review – Pelvic Floor Training – Play Videogames with Your Vagina


I recently interviewed a world-renowned pelvic floor practitioner for my podcast. We went into so much detail about pelvic floor issues and how we can overcome them. It turns out that many devices on the market that claim to strengthen the kegel muscles actually end up doing more harm than good. 


Most pelvic floor trainers use a weighted system that requires you to be standing up in order for them to work. As gravity does its thing, you contract your muscles to keep them in place and prevent them from falling out. Being in a permanent state of tension, that is to say, contracting the muscle as opposed to repetitively contracting and relaxing it, is not the way to effectively strengthen a muscle.  If you go to the gym and do strength training, you’ll know that you have to contract and relax a muscle in order to strengthen it. It’s not about being in a constant state of tension. 

Pelvic Floor Training

Fortunately, Perifit is very different. You have to lie down to use it and it has 2 sensors that measure contractions as well as how you release the tension and relax the muscles. It is paired with the Perifit app and you can play video games with your vaginal muscles. Sometimes the game will require you to tense your muscles for a long time, other times you have to be able to relax quickly and other times you make a series of short contractions. Therefore, you are working your muscles in many different ways. 


I must confess that in general, I’m not a video game lover, but when playing one that actually has a positive purpose such as pelvic floor training, well that’s a different situation entirely. The games are fun and they keep you entertained during use and motivated to continue with your training on a regular basis. After all, just one workout is not enough. It takes consistency and regular use to reap the many benefits of pelvic floor training. 

Pelvic Floor Training


I’m a big fan of the original Perifit. I thoroughly enjoyed the games and the biofeedback. I didn’t think it could improve as I was already really impressed with its first edition in 2019. However now, almost four years later, I have observed that the app has improved in leaps and bounds. And over the last 6 weeks that I have been using it, I can see that I still have so much to discover. 

Pelvic Floor Training

On the app, you can access so much information about the pelvic floor and instructions on how to perform kegel exercises correctly. The games are varied and a lot of fun. There are also different programmes according to your needs. There is a quiz to determine which programme suits you. They include: 


  • Pelvic Floor Prevention
  • Urge Incontinence
  • Stress Incontinence
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Postnatal Recovery
  • Mixed Incontinence
  • Prolapse

Pelvic Floor Training

I occasionally have an overactive bladder when I’m nervous and stressed. Fortunately, I’m in a very good place in my life at the moment as far as stress levels are concerned and I’m not currently experiencing any bladder issues. That said, it’s always a good idea to do some Kegels. 

Pelvic Floor Training

I must confess that when I saw the shape of the new Perifit +, I had my reservations. I was wondering if I’d know how deep to place it in my vagina. It’s important to point out that if it’s not in the same place each time, then the results from workout to workout could potentially greatly. I have tried all the products on the market and some have been disheartening when you’re squeezing away and the device is unable to detect your grips and thus you get really bad results. When this happens, it is usually the result of a bad device rather than your lack of grip. I can imagine that the psychological impact of this if you were postpartum or experiencing incontinence, would be much worse. 

Pelvic Floor Training


With the original Perifit, it is impossible to wear it incorrectly if you study the diagram. It is obvious how much you can insert, therefore the results are more accurate. This was something I really liked. Given that Perifit + is different, I was wondering how I could make sure it’s positioned in the same place with every workout in order to have an accurate reading. It is true that it is much more comfortable and it’s smaller. 

Pelvic Floor Training

With reference to accuracy, I was thrilled to see that you can calibrate the device before every game in order to obtain accurate results. In fact, the patented dual-sensor technology provides you with the most accurate measurements of any Kegel trainer on the market. Insert, train, control, and watch as your pelvic muscles strengthen.

After 6 weeks, I still feel as though I have a lot to learn as far as my pelvic floor training is concerned. I will definitely be continuing after this review as the benefits of pelvic floor training cannot be underestimated.

Pelvic Floor Training

Another noteworthy point about the new Perifit + is the packaging. It comes in a cardboard box that contains a user guide and a zip pouch for storage. Planet lovers will be thrilled to know that it does not contain any single-use plastics. 

Pelvic Floor Training

In addition, just like the previous edition, the battery does not need to be recharged. It will last for a very long time and don’t worry if you forget to switch it off because you will get an alert from your phone telling you to switch it off. 


Pelvic floor training, also known as Kegel exercises, offers several benefits, including:


  • Improved bladder control: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can help prevent or reduce urinary incontinence and the urge to urinate frequently.


  • Better sexual function: A strong pelvic floor can improve sensation during sexual intercourse, leading to more enjoyable and satisfying sex.


  • Reduced risk of pelvic organ prolapse: Pelvic floor training can help prevent the weakening and stretching of the pelvic floor muscles that can lead to pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Improved recovery after childbirth: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles before and after childbirth can reduce the risk of complications during delivery and improve postpartum recovery.


  • Reduced back pain: The pelvic floor muscles are part of the core muscles that support the spine. Strengthening them can help reduce back pain.


  • Increased circulation: Pelvic floor training can increase blood flow to the pelvic area, which can improve overall pelvic health.


Overall, pelvic floor training can improve quality of life and prevent several health issues related to pelvic floor weakness. Even if you haven’t had children or suffer from incontinence, strengthening your pelvic floor is always a good idea. 

Pelvic Floor Training

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