"My mission is to encourage others to use their sexual energy in an empowering way and to eat more plants."

Raising orgasmic awareness. Author. British expat in Spain. Sex toy tester & designer. Brand Ambassador for Satisfyer. YouTuber. Fetishist. Feminist. Vegan. Yogini. Zen. Creator of The Orgasmic Lifestyle Podcast. 

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What you can find on this website:


A complete glossary of fetishes with over 50 kinks. We all have a fetish, what’s yours?


Reviews and recommendations of the very best pleasure products by sex toy tester Venus O’Hara


A private area with the best photos. No text to distract you, just images.


Every day is a climax. Here I interview thought leaders in the fields of personal development, health, nutrition, spirituality, and more.


Articles on how to enhance your intimate relationships as well as dating tips for singles.


Discover my unique ASMR whispering affirmation meditations on a range of different topics from health, abundance, prosperity and sexual wellness.

In the Blog

sex writer title
Armpit Fetish

Confessions of a Sex Writer

Since becoming a sex writer I can confess that writing about sex can be just as good as the real thing. Sometimes, it can be …

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venus o'hara masochism of modelling
Fetish Glossary

The Masochism of Modelling

People assume that posing in front of a camera must be easy work. It is, but there is also a certain amount of masochism involved, …

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escote trasero title
Bra Fetish

Derrière Cleavage

Derriere cleavage is a slight, and highly provocative, exposure of the upper-buttock area and the cleft between them, usually as a result of loosely-styled, or …

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armpit fetish title
Armpit Fetish

The Rise of The Armpit Fetish

The armpit fetish has moved into the mainstream so far that you only have to look at the covers of recent – high-end – fashion …

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good slave title - venus o'hara
Fetish Glossary

How To Be A Good Slave

Being a good slave is not easy. Even the best ones slip up sometimes and make mistakes – sometimes intentionally. For the first – and …

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financial domination title

The Myth of Financial Domination

In BDSM, financial domination is a situation where a female dominant has complete control over the disposable income of Her submissive slave. For her instant …

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hoodie fetish title
Fetish Glossary

My Secret Hoodie Fetish

I read on a hoodie fetish website that a guy got off by coming in the hood of his girlfriends sweatshirt and then pulling it …

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black lace blindfold title

Black Lace Blindfold

Many fetishists think that lace blindfolds are a bit pointless. After all, a blindfold should restrict vision and deprive the wearer of vital sensory information …

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vibrator tester title
Fetish Glossary

Venus the Vibrator Tester

I want to be a vibrator tester more than anything. Everyone who saw my pictures and read the article about me in Interviu magazine found …

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Love Me Like You Hate Me - Venus O'Hara and Erika Lust

Love Me Like You Hate Me – in Practice

As a qualified teacher I felt a unique thrill when I used my book – “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, co-written with Erika Lust, …

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upskirt fetish title
Fetish Glossary

5 Fetishes You Can Find in Any Celebrity Gossip Magazine

Forget the top shelf. Fetish photos can be found in celebrity magazines every day. Inside their pages you’ll find plenty to get excited by: 1. …

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Bra Fetish

I’m on the cover of Interviu magazine!

Ever since I’ve lived in Spain, Interviu magazine has always fascinated me. Initially, I was confused about what type of magazine it was. After all, …

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