Outdoor Fetish

Although Fetish photography usually works best when it’s done in a controlled environment like a dungeon or a specially decorated studio, I like to push the boundaries. One way to do this is to perform discreetly in a public place like a pizza restaurant. Part of the fetish value can be found in the simple fact that it happens without the other customers realising that it is. Another advantage is that the event occurs halfway between a closed set and the outside world. There’s nothing quite like going outside for real though and shooting a fetish set where bystanders, voyeurs and joggers might catch a glimpse adds even more to the experience.

When I’m posing outside, I have no idea what might happen. Having an unknown number of people in the background is always a risk. They may, or may not, even be aware that something provocative might be happening before their eyes or just at the periphery of their vision. What made this shoot even more thrilling and intimidating was that it took place in an area of dense woodland.

That type of environment can attract and hide any number of onlookers. Some could be totally innocent. Others might have different reasons for being there. As I shed my clothes, my imagination began to suggest any number of perverse stories in my mind.

I’d planned the shoot well in advance and I thought that I had everything under control and all eventualities accounted for. Then, in the distance, or perhaps closer, I would hear someone walking their dog, throwing a ball and urging the animal to go and find it. That was when I knew I had nothing under control. This was strange but helpful in a strange way.

The shoot was an exploration of voyeurism and exhibitionism in a realistic setting. I would have my dress removed but keep my knee-length socks on. In the end I would be left topless, almost nude in fact. The photographer would provide the peeping Tom perspective at first. Then he would take the initiative and interact with me.That interaction would take the form of tying my wrists together, binding me to a tree with coils of rope and pretending to spank my bottom. His focus would be on my white panties as a symbol of my public vulnerability.

I understood quite quickly that I couldn’t dominate the situation at any level. Random chance and unforseen events dictated the fetishism in the final images. We went back indoors to complete the shoot and finish telling the story that had begun outside. I had control again but the excitement of being observed through the trees by the photographer, and anyone else who looked in our direction, was more than I could have hoped for.
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Outdoor fetish Photography by Andrew O’Hara

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    1. you’re setting a New Year’s example to us all by getting fresh air, being at one with the environment and getting your kit off. Bliss.

  1. This would have been an ideal scenario within which to include a gooey picnic with sweet, sticky, afternoon comestibles. Still rather lovely though.

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