ORGASM: A Natural Cure for INSOMNIA – Confessions of an Orgasmic Insomniac

ORGASM: A Natural Cure for INSOMNIA – Confessions of an Orgasmic Insomniac

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus reflects upon her predisposition towards insomnia as she relaxes after a busy day. Prior to going to bed, she endeavours to explain why it’s so useful to keep a couple of repeat-worthy sex toys under her pillow – just in case she needs their assistance during a sleepless night. Life as an orgasmic insomniac, she describes, is never straightforward.


Venus has always been a poor sleeper. Stress, worry and the capacity to over-analyse the events of the day cause complications. But, the very fact that she works from home, has no schedule determined for her by someone else and can practise a ‘no-alarm lifestyle’ has proven to be beneficial. At least she can go to bed with greater peace of mind. With no deadlines to wake up to, ongoing career flexibility and the bonus of being able to pick and choose tasks, it is a given that she can keep ahead of her ongoing workload.


These days she can turn-in, relax and begin the process of sleeping. It wasn’t always so, however. In her previous jobs, the stress and anxiety was a constant, nagging, phenomenon. When she worked in printing sales, she would ‘dream about loaded pallets and whether they would be delivered on time’. During her stint as an agent of luxury real estate, it was ‘clients, offers and commission’ that kept her on edge.


Venus understands that having an alarm set for the following morning, and insomnia, is a successful recipe for stress. Once upon a time, she lived next to an elderly lady who owned a reliable cuckoo clock. It reminded Venus of its presence, loudly and predictably. As she lay awake sometimes, the clocks commitment to illustrating the passage of time was absolute. If the antique woke her up, she would never get back to sleep.


Latterly, Venus has resolved to herself that orgasm is the most effective treatment for incidents of insomnia. It is much more effective than proprietary pharmaceutical remedies. While she sips on her cup of relaxing herbal tea, she reminds us about the sex toys that she keeps at hand beneath her pillows.


Imagination is the key to accessing therapeutic orgasms, she declares. She recommends deploying fantasy scenarios from the past and improvising new scenes and dialogue to begin the process of distracting the mind from mundane concerns. She freely admits that she ‘gets into it’ and can masturbate for 20 diverting minutes. Sometimes, she begins to pleasure herself while an irritating mental question is still uppermost in her imagination. Under those circumstances, it might take a while for the manual stimulation to fully ‘click’.


When it does, the erotic thoughts fully establish the desired ‘mind/body’ connection. After 10 minutes, imagination and physiology synchronise completely. Venue notes that her body becomes ‘heavier’ and that the initial wave of muscle relaxation induces a soporific effect. She knows then that the process is working and she might wonder whether an orgasm is even necessary. At that moment, she accelerates the stimulation at the same time as focussing on the specific details of the featured fantasy. This provokes an explosive, insomnia-curing, climax.


Venus can only underline again the value of orgasm as an insomnia cure. It is a sublime mental distraction and physical relaxant. Orgasm costs nothing and has no side-effects whatsoever. 


Above all, she concludes, it represents nothing less than ‘a very good time’.


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