OhMiBod Unboxing Special Valentine’s Giveaway

I was recently sent this box of goodies from OhMiBod , I’m giving it away for Valentine’s Day. Well, not this box, this is mine, but a similar one will be sent from OhMiBod to the lucky winner.


I love gifting orgasms to my followers. Especially when I know very well that a sex toy isn’t just an object. It’s an experience that can be repeated many times. I’m gifting joy and orgasms that will be enjoyed over and over again. I’m convinced that this has to be good for my karma. 


It is always difficult to pick a winner whenever I do a giveaway.  I tend to choose the person whose comment has made me laugh the most or someone who has a name that I recognise because they are a loyal follower and supporter of my work. It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’.


Sometimes I am sent more than one toy of a particular product and when I have spare toys, I love to gift them to people I know in real life. Sometimes I have made the mistake of gifting sex toys to acquaintances that I wanted to become friends with. I did it as a gesture of goodwill to somehow win them over, but it nearly always backfired. To my horror, a sex toy didn’t cement our connection; it did the opposite. 


One of them kept complaining about the toy saying that it had broken, but in actual fact, she just didn’t know how to unlock the travel lock.

Another regifted them, seriously, how disgusting is that? You should never ever regift such a personal item…

Another complained that the toy wasn’t very good and a couple more didn’t even bother to say ‘thank you’. 


I should have held onto those toys and given them to people who would have enjoyed and appreciated them more. I have learned my lesson since then. 


This time, when I choose a winner of this INCREDIBLE giveaway I have in partnership with OhMiBod, I’m going to make sure I choose a worthy winner. 


Here are the contents:


Blue Motion Nex|2 Second Generation


The box contains a fantastic range of pleasure products. You can find Nex|2 – an app-controlled G spot stimulator. The OhMiBod app is one of the best sex toy apps I have tried. The shape is perfectly curved to reach your G spot. It has a powerful motor and it feels divine. It can also be used completely externally as a clitoral stimulator or even as a massager during foreplay. 

Lovelife Toys Share 


They say sharing is caring and that couldn’t be more true with this appropriately named couple’s ring vibrator. It was named ‘Best Couple’s Vibrator by Marie Claire. It is heart-shaped and is made of silicone. It is worn on the base of the penis during intercourse to provide clitoral stimulation to the female partner. It can also be worn on the two middle fingers and used as a clitoral stimulator solo. The button is located on the side so that it can’t be accidentally switched off when your bodies are pressed together in a passionate exchange. 

Lovelife Toys Explore


This miniature anal plug is ideal for beginners. It is small enough not to be overwhelming and big enough to be stimulating. I gave one of these to a bicurious male friend of mine for Christmas. He has been flirting with a guy and before popping his cherry, I advised him to start with a plug so that anal penetration wouldn’t be too intense for his first anal sexploration. I must call him and ask how it went…  The plug doesn’t vibrate. You can insert it and enjoy it in combination with genital stimulation for a doubly pleasurable moment. 

Lovelife Toys Dare


This plug sex toy is perfectly shaped for prostate stimulation. It’s slightly bigger than Explore. It doesn’t vibrate and it’s perfect for beginners who are curious about prostate stimulation. 

Lovelife Lubricant in collaboration with Sliquid 


I receive many requests to review lubricants and I always say ‘no’. This is because I’m a purist where cosmetics are concerned. I only used the best organic, mono-ingredient products on my skin. Many lubricants contain some very scary ingredients such as glycerin and other ingredients that are not your vulva’s friend. Fortunately, Sliquid only uses the purest ingredients and the list of contents are from natural sources. Lovelife natural intimate lubricant is a water-based and water-soluble personal lubricant, blended with hand-selected natural seaweed extracts. These natural extracts of the sea are blended with this water-based lubricant, to provide a slippery, sensual lubricant with the natural healing properties of the sea. I was thrilled to see that OhMiBod has teamed up with Sliquid to make this superior quality lube. 


For more info about any of these toys, visit  OhMiBod


If you would like to participate in the giveaway, check out this post here


Check out my video for a more in-depth explanation of the products complete with soundchecks on the vibrating ones.


Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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