Ohmibod Sex Toy Haul

I’ve been very busy over the last few weeks testing out all of these products from Ohmibod. Lucky me! There are 7 products and they are incredibly varied. They include clitoral stimulators, G spot stimulators, pelvic floor trainers, wearable vibrators, ring vibrators and an anal plug vibrator. Many can be used with the Ohmibod app, making them perfect for solo and couple use, close range or from a distance. 

Rev is a finger vibe that fits perfectly around your fingers. Its shape means that it’s ideal for clitoral stimulation, especially if used during penetration as it won’t slip off. In addition, you can move your hand to increase friction. It will also fit your partner’s fingers. It is USB rechargeable, waterproof and it has 5 preset pulsations to enjoy. 

Cuddle mini is a very cute G spot stimulator. It is fairly small in size but still big enough to reach your hot spots. It is incredibly flexible too. You can also use it externally as a clitoral stimulator thus making it an incredibly versatile sex toy. It has 7 preset patterns that can be increased or decreased in intensity. It is splashproof, USB rechargeable and perfect for travel. 

Krush is an app-controlled pelvic floor trainer. Pelvic floor strength is so important as it can help to prevent incontinence. It can also help with lower back pain and it can improve the quality of your orgasms. During penetration with a male partner, improved pelvic floor strength can also help you to have a tighter grip on his penis, making it more enjoyable for both of you. The app provides real-time visual feedback of your PC muscle activity. There is also a fun mode so you can use the device for stimulation as well as training.  

Blue Motion Nex|1 is a wearable panty vibe that can be controlled with the Ohmibod app. This means that you can control it with your mobile or you can let your partner control it for you, whether they are right beside you or on the other side of the world. If you are old-school where sex toys are concerned, you can also use it manually. It comes with a pair of panties that has a gusset that is perfect for placing the device. You can also use it as a clitoral stimulator. 

Esca 2 is a G spot stimulator that is also app-controllable. Its shape means it’s wearable and if you are walking around with it inside, it could be considered a pelvic floor trainer. Personally, I love to use it completely externally as a clitoral stimulator as I love the shape of it against my clitoris. All in all, it is a very versatile product for solo and couple use and especially long-distance relationships. It also connects with Kiirroo products, offering even more orgasmic opportunities. 

Blue Motion Nex|3 is a ring vibrator with an extra-long vibrating component. One of the main issues with ring vibes is that the male partner instinctively thrusts during penetration and the female partner needs constant contact with the toy in the clitoris in order to enjoy clitoral stimulation. This longer component is the perfect solution for this common problem. It can also as a solo male toy and even a clitoral stimulation. It can be used manually and with the app. 

Lumen is a plug vibrator that has a fairly small shape making it perfect for anal toy beginners. It is also ideal for stimulating the prostate. It can be used manually or with the app. It can be controlled by your mobile or your partner’s mobile, long-distance. It can also be used vaginally or as a clitoral stimulator, but whatever you do, wash it well before and especially after anal stimulation. It also connects with Kiiroo products, allowing even more orgasmic potential. It boasts Velvet Wave Cushion Comfort Technology. It also provides visual feedback with a diamond-like LED light that syncs with the plug’s vibrations and turns the bedroom into a stage. 

For more information about any of these products, click here.  


For the full review complete with soundchecks, check out my video below.

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