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Valentine’s month marks a high point in the annual sex toy calendar. It could be my busiest time of year. When Valentine’s Day comes, I don’t think about whether I’m single or not. I’m more concerned about trying new toys as there are always more packages being delivered during this time of year. 


Before I was a sex toy reviewer, flowers might have impressed me. Needless to say, receiving a beautiful bouquet from someone you love is a profoundly romantic gesture. Despite this, sooner rather than later, the flowers inevitably wither and die. 


I believe that a sex toy is a much better gift choice when it comes to expressing your undying love to a special someone.  This is because pleasure is the gift that keeps on giving. At the end of the day, a sex toy is not just an object, it’s an experience.


Sharing the experience of pleasure with a loving partner can be even more memorable. In my time as a sex toy reviewer –  for nearly 10 years now! I’ve noticed a decline in what I used to call ‘toy envy’. I found that men were concerned about being replaced by sex toys when I first started my career but now with the rise of app-controlled sex toys, the truth is that you actually need a partner to really get the most out of them. 


If you’re looking for an app-controlled toy, check out the latest offers on ohmibod.com and use the code VDAY23. There is a free Lovelife natural lubricant with every order. 


Below find a selection of the OhMiBod app-controlled toys that are included in the offer. 


Nex|1 – A powerful panty vibe 

If you’re looking to spice up a hot date or if you’d like your underwear to vibrate then this panty vibe could be what you’re looking for. It comes with a pair of Brazilian panties that are quite stretchy and flattering to your curves. The toy is placed snuggly inside the gusset but if you don’t like this choice of underwear you can put it in the gusset of your favourite underwear. The vibration is moderate so you don’t have to worry about the noise if you use it in public. In addition to being wearable with the app, it can also be used as a clitoral stimulator. I seriously love the nub at the tip of the toy. I love moving it from side to side to enhance the pleasure. 


Nex|2 – A curved G spot vibrator 

I was super impressed when I held this in my hand to make the video below. I was super impressed with its intense motor and curved shape that I simply had to use it again to refresh my memory. It was amazing thanks to its deep rumbly motor and curved shape. It’s also very ergonomic to hold and reach the buttons to adjust the settings while in use. It is ideal for G spot stimulation and for hugging the vulva for intense clitoral and perineum stimulation. I love it.


Nex|3 – A uniquely shaped cock ring

I still remember testing this with my ex… he really loved it. It makes me nostalgic as I write this. We used it as a penis stimulator, the long protruding part stimulates the male member much more than your average cock ring. It can even be worn against the testicles for a ball massage. It can be a good addition when indulging in fellatio. Given the fact that it’s bigger, it means that the vibrating motor is more potent than most standard cock rings. It can also be used as a clitoral stimulator. 


Esca 2 – A wearable G spot vibrator. 

Made in collaboration with Kirroo – a well-known brand that specialises in toys for the webcamming community, Esca 2 is an ergonomic G spot stimulator that is worn internally. When worn, you will be given your pelvic floor muscles a good workout as you are stimulated. You can wear it in public if you are up for some discreet play during a hot date or maybe you want to spice up a shopping trip. The control is worn outside at the tip of the cord. There is some residual vibration on the cord which feels wonderful against the clitoris. But if you want to indulge in something more intense, I like to use the vibrating egg completely externally, against my clitoris. This of course only happens behind closed doors. 


Krush –  An app-controlled kegel trainer with biofeedback. 

I seriously love biofeedback. It means I can keep tabs on my body’s capabilities and progress. Pelvic floor exercises are essential for overall health. A strong pelvic floor can help to prevent incontinence, it can help improve lower back pain, and as far as sex is concerned, it can help you to have a tighter grip on your male partner during penetration which is more pleasurable for both of you. If that wasn’t enough motivation, having stronger vaginal muscles also helps you to have stronger orgasms. 


Despite all these benefits, it can be hard to get motivated to do kegel exercises on a regular basis. After all, it takes time to actually reap the benefits. It is recommended to do them around 3 times a week and you should start to notice the improvements after a few weeks. Perseverance is required. As with any sport, noticing any improvements and changes in your body is always a good incentive to continue, but when you can also see your progress on a graph, like you can with Krush it is even more motivating. 


It is comfortable to wear and it has sensors that can detect your squeezes. Unlike weighted systems, where you are required to be constantly in tension, with Krush you are tensing and relaxing your muscles, following the indications on the screen. There is also a fun mode so you can enjoy it as a vibrator, internally or externally. This can be a good way to reward yourself after another workout. In addition, you can see exactly how much better your orgasms are getting. 


For more information about these app-controlled vibrators from OhMiBod, click here



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