Official Calendar 2013

I looked at my calendar from this year, saw it was already October and realised that  next year’s one was almost due for production. I had been looking to do a collaboration with a new photographer and Lourdes Ribas of had already agreed to do the shoot. I was delighted when a date was set to do just that.

Then, I developed a cold and had to cancel. I was badly congested for days before developing an ear infection. Not only was I exhausted but one ear was completely blocked. I just didn’t feel kinky. Nevertheless, time was passing and the pressure on me began to build. Another date was fixed and I knew that I couldn’t cancel for a second time.

Even though part of me was still trying to talk myself out of it, I made myself go to the venue the second time. It took ages to pack my bag with a variety of essential accessories. More time than usual was spent on folding the stockings, packing the high heels and selecting the dresses that I would need. My main idea was to wear sheer dresses the wrong way round so that their open backs would allow my charms to be displayed more easily to the photographer.


Although I had only known Lourdes for a few months, the set dresser, Pepe von Strudel from, had been a friend of mine for years. I was so excited about being photographed in a set decorated for me, before I had even arrived, that my lack of energy was quickly forgotten. I reminded myself that I could also rely on a great make-up artist no matter what.

As it turned out, I needn’t have worried. The shoot was a lot of fun and the results speak for themselves. My new calendar is everything I wanted it to be and more. Each month and every page flaunts an exclusive and erotic image of me that provokes and tantalises the viewer with fantasy scenarios featuring lingerie, giant apples and even latex by MadRubb

Why don’t you see for yourself?

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