Official Calendar 2012 – Fetishism Without Photoshop

Photoshop is the enemy of fetishism and I didn’t want any of my calendar images for 2012 to be photoshopped in any way. I wanted to produce a calendar that is unusual and provocative because of all the specific fetish details that were left in.

Inside its pages, you’ll see my countless freckles and the compression lines left on my pale skin by bra-straps and other items of lingerie. You might also see goose-bumps caused by posing in cold rooms and a blue vein or two. Fetishists are often frustrated when those details are removed. With a whole month to enjoy each page, there are many highlights to discover.

Some fetishists will always prefer their latex goddesses and bondage queens to look more than human. Making these women appear flawless and perfectly proportioned fits into their mystique as well as blurring the line between the model and the materials she wears. That’s where photoshop can really help.

Real erotic life – with its random images, movements and sensations – happens too fast and too unpredictably to be edited or corrected in any way. This is the effect I’m looking for in my photos. Whether it’s the way my nude body looks on a sofa or the marks left on my skin by a bodystocking – it doesn’t matter. The way my lips look when I’m having food or the way lingerie sometimes has a life of its own – it’s all good. Even seeing the way my derriere reacts to having bra-cups pulled up onto it has a natural appeal all of its own.

All of the featured images are a collaboration between myself and Guy Moberly. He brings his patience and understanding of classic photographic composition to every shoot. I contribute my restless movement and unpredictability to the process. It’s that tension between our approaches that produces our very best images.

You’ll find many of them here and with no photoshopping to be seen.

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Photos by Guy Moberly.

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    1. I agree. The cover image is – indeed – a classic one. It could not have been bettered – even with a liberal smear (or two) of patisserie cream on your tempting thighs.

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