Next Time I See You

Next Time I See You – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

Not long to go now.

The anticipation of our next encounter is driving me to the brink of desire. Controlling myself has become a challenge as I envision our imminent reunion. The desire to touch you, to feel you again, is becoming almost overwhelming.

Let me explain:

I have a recurring fantasy, or perhaps an image, that keeps appearing in my mind’s eye whenever I contemplate the prospect of meeting you once more. 


Picture this: I’m lying in the middle of my bed and you are on top of me. It’s the afternoon and the shutters are closed. The daylight filters through the crevices, tenderly caressing your naked form.  Our bodies intertwine with our arms around each other and my legs wrapped around your waist, pressing you as deep as I can into me as we recalibrate our connection. I look into your eyes wishing I knew what you were thinking at that moment. 


Although I’m anticipating that moment very much, I’m not in a rush. 


Before we get to that point, I want to savour every layer of our reconnection as much as humanly possible. Before you touch me, when I’m still dressed, I want you to explore my energetic body, with hover hands all over me, inches away from me. I can feel the warmth emanating from the palms of your hands as they move up and down my body, stirring my senses. It induces a delicious anticipation, making me squirm with the desire to feel your skilled touch on my physical body.


Next, as you slowly undress me, revealing the scandalous lingerie I’ve chosen – provocative, barely covering what it’s meant to conceal – its impracticality only enhances its purpose to provoke. Judging by your reaction, it seems to fulfil its intended role. Then, with expertise, you shed your own clothes until you are naked, pressing me against you, allowing me to revel in the delightful sensation of your smooth skin against mine.

Your hand wanders down my body, finding its way inside my barely-there panties to cup my vulva. A grounding sensation possesses me, and I shiver with a potent mix of desire and relief. It’s a touch that conjures the magic reminiscent of a first encounter but fueled by an immense desire that has only intensified with time.


After a while, you remove my underwear and I press my breasts against you as my hands explore your nakedness,  reacquainting myself with your form. You’re hard and I’m wet and we reach the point of no return where our union is not only inevitable, but it’s necessary. 


Your body syncs with mine, and you slowly enter me. I breathe deeply and intentionally, taking in the profound gift of your intimacy, struggling to comprehend that there’s no longer any physical distance between us after you’ve been so far away.


Too far. 


My yearning for reconnection amplifies the significance of every subtle gesture and movement. My body is ablaze, and the sensation of your hardness inside me triggers a deep physical and emotional climax, propelling me into a multilevel explosion of pleasure.

Each time this recurring fantasy appears in my mind’s eye, I’m instantly distracted from whatever I’m doing and I need a moment to regain composure before I can refocus on the task at hand.


Not long to go now.

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