Ways To Reach Orgasm

New Ways To Reach Orgasm – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

New Ways To Reach Orgasm – My Orgasmic Lifestyle

Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus offers some orgasmic tips after a correspondent sought her advice. Orgasms are Venus’ favourite subject, so she was only too glad to help.


The woman in question could only reach orgasm when she was lying on her side to masturbate. This was while she kept her legs closed. She had tried to have an orgasm while trying different positions but it had never quite worked. What could she do?


Venus thinks that the situation the woman describes is quite normal. When an individual is used to having orgasms in a certain way: ‘it’s difficult to break the mould and have orgasms a different way.’


Venus recalls that something similar happened to her. When she was experimenting with masturbation, Venus could only climax using rabbit vibrators. So, she grew to assume that she needed simultaneous internal stimulation and external stimulation when she used a sex toy. She was lying on her left side a lot of the time.


When Venus had sex with a guy, she’s found that she can’t have an orgasm if she’s on top. Numerous magazine articles and advice columns had told her that being on top was highly effective. It’s the opposite for her. She feels that she needs to be on her back, or on her side, for the stimulation to have its greatest effect.


Although Venus used bullet vibrators, and pebble-shaped clitoral stimulators, in the past, rabbit vibrators were always her orgasmic preference. Then, her favourite rabbit broke. She had no choice but to improvise after that. What did change, however, was the increased application of her mental processes when it came to masturbation.


Venus began to use her personal erotic triggers to provoke a response in the usual way. But she started to adopt different positions when she did so. Over time, she: ‘made more of a mind/body connection when it comes to orgasm.’ Now, it’s her mind that’s in control of the rhythm and pace of stimulation. Venus doesn’t just rely upon a toy to give her what she wants.


Some men have confessed to Venus that they can only reach orgasm via manual stimulation. That’s the case even when they’re with a partner. It seems that they’ve got used to it after: ‘looking at lots of porn and finishing themselves off with their hands.’ Venus would be disappointed if she was faced with that because it would be repeating: ‘something you do on your own. Let’s try something different.’


The advice-seeker wonders whether it might be better to stop masturbating in her preferred style. Venus suggests that she carries on as before, at least for a few more times. Then, Venus recommends that the woman explores the thought processes involved, as distinct from the position. Working on the triggers would make them stronger. Then, it might be appropriate to alter the position to see if that helps.


Then, Venus turns to the subject of sex toy recommendations. She assesses what might make up: ‘ the perfect selection for self-exploration.’ 


She suggests including a rabbit vibrator for the purposes of dual stimulation. A wand-massager would be important as well. A powerful wand: ‘wakes up the whole vulval area.’ Venus loves using a clitoral ‘sucking’ device which offers a vibration function as well. For that, she would recommend Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration. A bullet vibrator would complete the set.


She explains that time, toys and patience, can lead to great things as part of an effective self-love ritual.

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