Neck Fetish

I forget how effective my rebellious red curls are as a shield for my neck; it feels so covered up when I wear it down. That all changes when I wear my hair up, then my neck feels naked, exposed and available to endless sets of hungry eyes.

Its exposure makes me instantly aware of minor shifts in room temperature, sharp drafts from open windows and odd alterations of atmosphere. That edgy awareness extends to the instant effect its display seems to have on some individuals.

Necks are like small bodies in their own right with unique curves, softnesses and scents. For some neck fetishists the nape is as important as a perfect pair of long legs. It is without a doubt an essential erogenous zone that responds so well to exploration by hands, mouths and eyes.

Photos by Fernando Gebbia

5 thoughts on “Neck Fetish”

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  2. What I like most is the area of skin under your jaw, but in front of your throat. I call that a flat chin – flat means sexy in this case. There are at least 2 websites about this fetish – and

  3. I have an intense neck fetish especially on black women. It involves a woman throwing her head back showing off every inch of her neck. Especially a neck that is smooth, no moles, has creases and even a pronounced adams apple! Such a turn on. I would love to post a picture of my wife who is black and has a fabulous neck!

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