Nape Fetish (Unaji)

The nape of the neck is one of the most effective erogenous zones that there is. I’m always surprised by just how intense the variety of sensual pleasures is when my neck gets the attention it deserves.

I don’t just enjoy the caresses on my nape in isolation.When I feel attentive fingers massaging it I just want more and more. That special pleasure I feel is never predictable or ordinary. Sometimes it relaxes my whole body, other times it can wake it up and make me sensitive all over, everywhere.

With a clever combination of soft kisses, warm breath and soft-biting, a lover can bring me even more arousing sensations. If they are experienced, they’ll stop occasionally and rub the nape and drag their fingertips around it. This reminds me that the nape holds a special attraction to Japanese men. They call it Unaji and, in their culture, it was one of the rare parts of a woman’s body that was often uncovered.

A nape fetishist will get just as much pleasure as I do from seeing it worshipped properly. If I lean forward slowly, the stretching alters my enjoyment as well as theirs. If they are observant, they’ll notice the small changes in the surface of my nape. A small rubbing motion, repeated under my earlobe, earns instant goosebumps.

I didn’t want my hair to fall down in thick curls while my neck was being photographed for this set. I found some metal clips to use and, as I fixed my long hair in position, I thought about the Winter weather outside. If I kept my hair up, my neck would feel everything.

And it did.

Photographs by Guy Moberly.

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22 thoughts on “Nape Fetish (Unaji)”

  1. The attention you pay to the details of your nape, for our pleasure and understanding, is just remarkable.

  2. I would be in seventh heaven if I could dip my forefinger in a jar of Morello cherry jam then stroke your nape with it…

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