Naked in Bed

I can’t wait until Spring so I can sleep naked in bed again. I’ve been having serious withdrawal symptoms from it lately and I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s really cold here now which makes my need to sleep naked in bed less likely to be satisfied. Just lately, going to bed means changing from my day clothes into my nightwear first. I have to build up the courage to strip down to my bra and panties. Then I put my thick socks on my cold feet. Finally, I pull on mismatched pyjamas, a pink hoodie and wear my huge dressing gown over the top. Sometimes it’s so unbearable to change that I have to leave my pyjamas on a radiator to warm them up before I can put them on.

I wanted to shoot a set where I was naked in bed and surrounded by a circle of warm radiators. Instead of having goose-pimples and shivering I’d enjoy the sensation of crisp, white sheets against my naked, tingling, skin. I wouldn’t need even the protection of one blanket as I rolled around in front of a photographer. I’d be his muse and please his eye and mind with a variety of classical poses.

The shoot happened and I was so into the experience that I covered my face with my hair, became anonymous and flaunted my excited body more and more. After a while, I reached back and clutched the sheets in my fists just as though I was having an orgasm.

It won’t be long until I can do it for real.

Photos by Guy Moberly

18 thoughts on “Naked in Bed”

    1. I love the feel of freshly laundered sheets against my naked skin after I’ve waxed and showered

  1. Just thinking what would be seen if the cameraman moved around behind you and took a slightly different angle for the second pic.

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