MyHixel – A Device to Improve Premature Ejaculation Naturally – Review

I remember when I used one of the first clitoral sucking sex toys a few years ago. This was when the concept of this type of focused contactless clitoral stimulation was still quite new. I placed the device over my clitoris and within moments of switching it on, my thighs started to twitch. So soon? I thought to myself. I had heard that many women reported fast intense orgasms with this type of stimulation, but was that really the objective? What about enjoying the process?


It turned out that I was no different. I had the fastest orgasm that I’ve ever had in my life. Although the toy was highly effective, my body felt completely disconnected from my mind, which still wasn’t really stimulated. In normal circumstances, my mind usually has more control over my orgasmic response than my body, but that day was different. Although I had physically had an orgasm, the disconnect from my mind meant that I just didn’t enjoy it that much at all. 

Afterwards, I felt more frustration than relief and I wondered if men felt something similar when they suffer from premature ejaculation. That is to say, orgasming before they would want to…


I have to admit that I’m never too bothered when a man comes quickly during penetration. In fact, for me, I’d rather a short and sweet shag than a long monotonous one. That is because I’m fortunate in that I find it easy to reach orgasm through penetration. The only problem is when it occurs before the desired moment and the woman still hasn’t reached her orgasm. 

Recently I had the opportunity to test a device that is designed to offer male climax control solutions. MYHIXEL I is a device that is registered as a medical product by the FDA. It aims to improve male premature ejaculation naturally. It’s not a sex toy as such, but the male will definitely enjoy using it. 


MYHIXEL is an anatomical penis sleeve with an inbuilt vibrator and heating feature. It resembles a real vagina and I couldn’t believe how realistic it felt. There is a MYHIXEL app where you go through the different exercises to master your climax control. It is presented like a game where you visit different planets and you have to complete the tasks in each one before you can proceed to the next one. There is a video presentation at each stage presenting the theoretical part. Then for the practical part, you can count your duration with a timer. You can view your progress with the graphs in the app. The app does not control the device. It is simply a guide and game for you to follow to improve your climax control as you use the device. 


This revolutionary methodology has been successfully tested on more than 1000 men. In collaboration with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Murcian Sexology Institute. MYHIXEL is committed to improving male sexual wellness. 

There are 2 types of MYHIXEL. MYHIXEL MED – ideal for men who ejaculate in less than 3 minutes or MYHIXEL TR which is for men who aim to improve climax control. For more information on the difference between them, you can see my video below. 

I tested the MYHIXEL TR  with ‘Mars’ O’Hara and I have to say, he absolutely loved it. He tends to ejaculate pretty quickly, but it has never been a problem for us. That said, he was very open to the idea of improving his climax control. 

PACKAGING: It is presented in a hard, elegant box that is ideal for storage. It also contains a charging cable and a multilingual user guide. You will also find a scratchcard that has a code that enables you to access the exercises and video tutorials on the app. 

MATERIAL: It is made of thermoplastic elastomer, ABS and silicone. It is advisable to use it with MyHixel lubricant which has been specially made to be compatible with the sleeve’s material. It feels very, very realistic. 


STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: gentle, but highly stimulating nonetheless. 




USABILITY: First of all, it is necessary to download the app and introduce the code that can be found on the scratchcard. This allows you to have access to the many exercises that are presented as games on the app. It must be noted that the app does not control the device and does not enable control by long distance.


First of all, we went through the preparation tasks on the app. The games are very well presented and there are videos that explain clearly the objective of each game. Once the theoretical part is over, then it’s time to use the device and time your duration using the app. I wondered how the timing would affect Mars and if it would make him obsessed about his climax control, but he said that he loved it.  Each time we used it, the presence of the timer was an incentive to get a bet a better score and last longer with each practice. 

We had a lot of fun using it. I explained the video so that he really understood it and he used MYHIXEL under my watchful eye as I took a mental note of everything so that I could write this review. We have completed several games and there are still many to go. 


According to the MyHixel website, through play and pleasure, men can achieve climax control and make their relations 7 times longer. We had sex the other night and he definitely lasted longer but we will have to keep on progressing with the games to know if he’s made real progress. Time will tell. The great thing is that it is truly enjoyable and it has one of the best textures ever for a male sexual wellness device, and Mars has tried quite a few. 


What impressed me a lot was the fact that it was so easy to clean. We have tried several products with similar sleeves and they have been a nightmare to clean and get back inside the outer ‘shell’ of the product. MyHixel was very easy to clean, remove and put back inside. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Mars absolutely loved it and I loved watching. We will continue with the games, Not just to improve climax control, but because Mars truly loves it. 


PROS: Natural approach to climax control. Fun to use. Excellent texture. Easy to clean. Scientifically proven method. 


CONS: Not waterproof. Not cheap, although it will provide priceless results. 



  • Men who suffer from premature ejaculation. 
  • Men looking for natural solutions for climax control. 
  • Men looking for an enjoyable way to improve their sex lives. 
  • Using it with a partner can make it a much more stimulating experience.


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