My Top Five Fetishes

Here are my top five fetishes:


I love being lazy and having someone else apply their touches, caresses and breath to unexpected areas of my body. The inability to see and anticipate the next possible movement from random hands just accelerates my desire and makes me anxious to find out all the faster.

power of a blindfold - venus o'hara by Sebas Romero


I love spanking but it has to be done a certain way. It should begin an involving role-play scenario followed by alternating spanking and soft caresses. It’s just as much fun to give as it is to receive, particularly when the opportunity to apply several slaps to a fine arse can be a mutual pleasure mixed with occasional burning warmth.

Spanking by Venus O'Hara


I can never have enough pairs of panties. Some women collect shoes, others want a private museum of handbags but, for me, the different effects, styles and cuts that a variety of panties offer me for photo-sets, nights out and private appearances can’t be over-estimated. When I have new pairs sent to me and they fit perfectly, I’m never happier. Although I’m a true panty fetishist with over 200 pairs, choosing just the right ones is always a challenge.


I love how relaxing it can be to be tickled by an true tickle fetishist. They know how to use it as an ice-breaker at first before the awkward silences are replaced by sudden fits of laughter. Like the flip-side of spanking, tickling also relies upon the tension between tickles, the anticipation and the emotional release so similar to the sensation felt after a really good massage.


Redhead Fetish

My pale skin, freckles and red hair go against everything that magazines and adverts tell me to be like. These days, popular beauty is represented by fake tans, silicon implants and whitened teeth. I’m more into classical beauty and I always have been.

What are yours?

19 thoughts on “My Top Five Fetishes”

  1. pardonmyhardon

    I had to pardon my hardon…when I read your entry on panties and saw the way those sheer undies revealed your derriere cleavage…

  2. Please be telling me some more of your role-playing characters and I would love to be reading of you.

  3. These are my preferred ones:

    1. Cake Fetish,
    2. Wet and Messy,
    3. Sploshing,
    4. Smeared Red Lipstick,
    5. Wet clothing.

    You’re very welcome.

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