My Slave’s Make-up Fetish

My slave likes to watch me on Skype as I go through the ritual of applying my make-up. It is a strange and exciting sensation to have someone analysing every little thing I do to decorate my face. His attention does not just focus my technique, however. Having his adoring eyes on me is the kind of pressure that really turns me on.

It turns him on as well. His frequent suggestions and compliments prove it to me over and over again.

My slave goes quiet when I’m defining my eyes with black liner. It is the cool precision involved in getting it just right that obsesses him. He is waiting for a mistake to be made. That is what he wants from me.  It is like watching an artist who has to pause in their work to fix a flaw. Perfection is fine but random chance is better. Watching me make a correction, and getting impatient while I am doing it, always makes him sigh.

When I outline my lips he breathes more heavily. I can hear his arousal from the speaker in my laptop. Sometimes I tease him with the creation of my Cupid’s bow. I delay it as much as I can. He can hardly stand the tension. I notice the anxiety creeping into his whispered words of praise. Then, it is time to finish and I press my lips together before blowing him a little kiss. I ask him how I look. He sags into his chair and smiles.

He says that he likes everything I do when I perform for him. I enjoy all of his anxious attention. It is like he is keeping me company while I create my fetish face. If he did not adore my display then he knows I would punish him. Even worse, I could deny him his special privileges.

He is a slave after all, and slaves need constant discipline to get the best out of them.

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Photos Lourdes Ribas de Pixelstudi

Make-up Diana Shulga

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  1. This reminds me of pictures I once enjoyed of young ladies pampering themselves during the blitz…highly pleasing for men of a certain vintage.

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