Foot Fetish Calendar 2016

My foot fetish calendar 2016

Venus O’Hara’s Foot Fetish Calendar. It’s that time of year again. When it was ready to put my 2016 calendar together, I knew that I wanted to produce something different from last years gallery of themed selfies. But this year, I’ve decided to produce foot fetish calendar. The more I thought about my feet on other peoples’ walls, the more innovative it seemed.

It’s an ongoing surprise, and continued mystery to me, that my feet provoke so many sweet comments and rude suggestions from my foot fetish fans. It was only a little while ago that I went out to buy a new pair of sandals and almost chose some that covered my toes completely. I’ve always disliked my toes in summer because they get so pink in the heat. I wear vivid shades of nail polish just to disguise my scandalous toe-blush.

Then, in the shop, I took a deep breath and had another long look at the sandal styles on offer. The best ones made a point of flaunting the toes. One pair kept catching my attention and I tried them on. I looked down and finally acknowledged that I might, in fact, have pretty feet after all.

Knowing that my feet make my foot fans happy makes me happy in return. What could repay those fan’s selfless devotion to my toes, arches and soles more effectively than producing a calendar featuring high-quality images of the feet that they appreciate the most? The thought of my foot fetish followers sitting at their kitchen tables, eating their breakfasts, glancing up at my calendar and smiling at a hi-res picture of my wrinkled soles, before going to work, gives me a tingly feeling.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my photographers, Lourdes Ribas and Mr Tickle BCN, for listening to my ideas and creating such amazing images to fill the pages of my foot fetish calendar. Now, 2016 can be celebrated with pictures of tickling, toes, bondage, toes with nail polish and without, classic nude soles and wrinkled soles.

All images are with NO FILTER and NO PHOTOSHOP!

Enjoy a year of foot fetish and order your 2016 foot fetish calendar HERE.

Venus O’Hara’s foot fetish calendar 2016

01. january

02. february

03. march

04. april

05. may

06. june

07. july

08. august

09. september

10. october

11. november foot fetish calendar 2016

12. december

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  1. Janet French Adams

    I’m looking for a 2021/2022 foot calendar. My brother is autistic and mentally delayed,also has cerebral palsy. He has a HUGE foot fetish,and I think he’d LOVE one!

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