My First Time With a Girl – 5 Things That Surprised Me the Most About Lesbian Sex

My First Time With a Girl – 5 Things That Surprised Me the Most About Lesbian Sex


Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus describes her first time with a girl. If anyone is wondering about her sexuality, she would describe it as: ‘fluid, but at this moment in time it’s more heterosexual.’ But, she explains, there have been times when that wasn’t the case. 


The first thing that surprised her was the pain, as surprising as that might be. Venus had the perception that sapphic sex would be: ‘all soft and sensual with caresses.’ Of course, it can be. The discomfort after sapphic sex was more long-lasting than after ‘straight-sex.’ It was a massive, massive surprise but Venus doesn’t complain. ‘Actually, it was very pleasant,’ she reminisces with a smile.

The next surprising thing was about ‘tribbing’ – actually, the sound it made. ‘It was quite cringe-worthy and weird,’ Venus recalls. ‘Music was quite important, really,’ she adds. It was quite arousing because it was proof of how aroused they both were.


The best surprise was just how orgasmic it was. With men: ’One orgasm is three of her orgasms.’ She found that she could: ‘have a more equal orgasmic score with a woman.’

There was no ‘game-over’ moment. It was more like: ‘you, me, you, me.’ Or sometimes together. ‘It just went on and on.’ 


A reaction of hers that she found surprising was that it’s best to keep an open mind. Sometimes you break down barriers. You find things that you like that you didn’t think you’d like. Venus was very bi-curious before it happened but: ’I was more bi-sexual waist-up, kind of thing.’ Then, she really got into this particular girl. 


Finally, last, but not least, it wasn’t just a physical thing. Being with a girl ended up being  highly emotional as well. It was one of the best experiences of her life. 


Basically, a sexual discovery turned into an emotional connection. It was: ‘a very big surprise.’ 


What she thought would be sexual experimentation, actually became much more.

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