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My Feet Demand Attention

My last foot fetish photo session with MrTickleBCN happened over four years ago now.

Back then, my understanding of foot worship, tickle fetish and the specific needs of foot fetishists was not as advanced as it is now. Many things have changed for me since then, especially where my feet are concerned. Indeed, it would be fair to say that my awareness of the real erotic value that was inherent in my heels, ankles, arches, soles and toes has come on in leaps and bounds.

It’s strange to think about that session now. Back then, I wore stockings because I was ashamed of my feet; I didn’t think of them as being attractive at all.

Venus O'Hara by MrTickleBCN-0013

Something wonderful and strange has occurred in the last twelve months. Every so often I posted selfies of my feet on social media to see just what effect they might have. It didn’t take long for my feet to develop a fanbase of appreciative foot fetishists who thought nothing of extolling the virtues of them at length. It is thanks to these aficionados that I have finally begun to love my feet and get turned on by the idea of a foot worship session.

My feet demanded the attention of true foot fetishist.

So, it seemed necessary and appropriate to get back in touch with MrTickleBCN on the pretext of a photoshoot. Professional pictures of him getting to work on my feet would be really valuable for online consumption by my foot fetishists as well. It wasn’t absolutely essential though, it was the physical contact that I really needed.
Venus O'Hara by MrTickleBCN-0041
I wrote to him:

“My feet demand attention.”

I went into some further detail about my increased awareness of the erotic potential of my feet and the need to create content that further explored my growing understanding.

He wrote back:

“I know, I’ve been following your progress online.”

“Can you help me?”

“Yes, but do you think you are ready for my tongue?”

I thought about it for a second or two:

“I am and this time there will be no hosiery, only my naked soles for you to work on.”

Then I thought of his big hands and his bag of exotic tickling instruments ready to be used on my tender soles with skill and expertise.

I didn’t care whether he brought his camera along or not.

It turns out that he did after all.

Venus O'Hara by MrTickleBCN-0047

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1 thought on “My Feet Demand Attention”

  1. I am 63 black male from Ohio. I’ve been into white women’s feet since age 8. Now I no longer desire intercourse. I’d rather just sniff and lick their feet as a dedicated slave. I’d gladly masturbate and then carry on orally pamper.

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