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Written by Rupert O.


In this video, Venus shares something very personal. She reveals that, in her life, she regrets 2 things the most. In this case, she reflects upon the thing that she most regrets.

When this video was shot, it was the day before the San Juan celebration in Catalunya. Venus associates the local festivities with:  ‘fireworks and alcohol on the beach.’ She believes that’s a terrible combination.


In previous years, she had tried to stay home, and keep chilled, instead of going out. Once, 3 years ago, she had been invited to an ‘alternative’ San Juan party. It was meant to have been a ‘spiritual’ affair. She had still been a tobacco smoker back then. A male friend approached her. ‘Why do you smoke tobacco? You stink!’ he said.


Up until that point, she had smoked the equivalent of a pouch of tobacco every 10 days. She remembers smoking around 5 hand-rolled cigarettes a day. Venus remembers feeling guilty every time she went to the tobacconists. It remains her biggest regret.


 Venus has paid into her health insurance scheme since 2005. Yet, up until 3 years ago, she still smoked tobacco. In every other way she had been passionate about healthy living: ‘I’m a vegan, I enjoy walking, I practise yoga and I don’t drink alcohol.’ But, by smoking, she was paying for the privilege of becoming ill in the future.


When her friend told her that he could smell tobacco on her, it was a wake-up call. He had given up smoking 2 weeks before and had become an advocate for non-smoking. It was then, on the 23rd of June, that she got the message and gave up tobacco. She did it then and there.


Venus goes into the details of the struggle she experienced at the beginning of her tobacco-free life. Then, she offers up her techniques for staying the course. She recommends certain approaches and indicates online resources that really helped her.


Smoking tobacco is her biggest regret. And she encourages anyone thinking about giving up that habit to do it.

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