Motorbike Fetish

When I think of the motorbike fetish I remember the film Grease 2. The character of Stephanie, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, has a very specific vision of her ideal man. She dreams of a mysterious lone biker who appears from nowhere, displays his power and disappears into the night. I love it when a clean-cut English student, played by Maxwell Caulfield, plays into her fantasy, buys a bike and picks her up outside her house at night. He becomes her ideal cool rider.

I’m not a fan of motorbikes myself but I adore the biker look. For me, that has to include an all-in-one leather outfit, leather gloves and a black helmet with a dark visor that makes the wearer anonymous. This clothing projects an image of unknown intentions and fetish potential to me.

For other motorbike fetishists, Barcelona is the perfect place to enjoy themselves and their kink. The city streets are full of bikes and their riders. They are constantly weaving in and around private cars, taxis and each other. According to La Vanguardia, Barcelona has the second highest motorbike ownership per inhabitant in Europe. I can believe that.

Before we began this shoot, the photographer showed me his new motorbike helmet with pride. He let me pose in it so I could contrast my nakedness with being anonymous.I pulled on his gloves and I covered my bare breasts with my hands. I was topless but my nipples were protected by a layer of soft, black leather.

I still doubt that I’d get on the back of a motorbike. I have to confess though, that if a cool rider appeared, I might just change my mind.

Photography by Sebas Romero.[nggallery id=35]

30 thoughts on “Motorbike Fetish”

    1. You can have a backie on my moped anytime…as long as you keep them out for the lads.

    1. I’m still waiting to see that special freckle on your sweet bum again…for Christmas?

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