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My Morning Routine: Mindfulness and Masturbation

My Morning Routine: Mindfulness and Masturbation

I usually wake up early, to be met by the sound of birds singing and the light of the recently risen Mediterranean sun in my face. I don’t put my blinds down as a rule because I love being stirred by that bright light. It gives me energy for the day ahead. After opening my eyes slowly, I usually reach out for one of my vibrators. I have a small collection of my favourites under my pillow, ready to use for moments just like these.

The great thing about having a No Alarm Life is that I wake up naturally. Being well-rested, and not having to worry about an alarm going off, means that I sleep much more deeply. The thing that I love, almost as much as waking up with unhurried enthusiasm, is being able to go through my morning rituals in a relaxed way.

I have recently started getting into mindfulness. I suppose that it was a natural progression after yoga. Mindfulness helps me to focus on the present and concentrate on my breathing. The only thing that we can really control is the way we breathe. After looking into it, I became fascinated by all the documented benefits of breathing properly through the nose and working on abdominal breathing. I had been aware of this ever since I began practising yoga, over a decade ago. It is only now that I have begun to apply the discipline of yogic breathing to the rest of my life as well.

I discovered an app called BellyBio. It has been helping me to log my breaths per minute and to find out how relaxed I am at any given moment. After I have enjoyed my morning orgasm, I place my mobile on my belly and begin some deep breathing exercises. It is astonishing just how quickly time flies during this process. At the end, when I see the graph, I am always fascinated to see that I was ‘calm’ because I tend to be a naturally nervous person. It is extremely encouraging to know that I have the potential to be very calm, or extremely calm, just by regulating my breathing.

After getting out of bed, I feel inspired, relaxed and motivated. I am ready to achieve great things but I must acknowledge that I am in need of some replenishing vitamins. To facilitate this, I go into the kitchen to make a green juice. It will usually contain between 8-10 different vegetables. Having some of my favourite motivational music playlists on puts me in a great mood to peel and chop the ingredients just prior to juicing.

Then, I will take my own good time to read my emails as I gulp it down, slowly, straight from the jug. When I am done, it is time to shower and begin the day’s work. In total, this whole process from waking up until actually beginning my work might account for two hours. But, there is never any real pressure to speed things up. I certainly do not miss public transport, rushing to have breakfast before getting ready and, of course, alarms. I certainly do not worry about ever being late…as was my style in the past.

So, in summary, my preferred morning routine consists of orgasm, relaxation and vitamins.

I find that this routine not only sets me up for the entire day but that it also allows me to maintain a mindful state throughout it.

And, if I do get stressed out – for whatever reason – I know just what I have to do…

…and that is, just breathe.

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