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Even though the summer has faded, the effect of “50 Shades of Grey” still lingers. I’m sitting at my writing desk and I’m thinking about sex. Nothing unusual there you might think. It seems to me that everyone is caught up in the meaning and uses of BDSM in their own lives and relationships. Something has been forgotten in all of those TV discussions focused on strap-ons, handcuffs and spankings. I haven’t heard any debates recently about sex and humour. Have we forgotten how to be dirty in the bedroom and actually laugh while we are doing it?

I haven’t.

When I think back to those times when I was turned on and trying hard not to laugh I always end up remembering the same afternoon. It was the day I was being photographed by a tickle fetishist and my ankles were tied onto a horizontal metal bar while I was blindfolded and sitting on an office chair. The tight white panties I had chosen for the shoot would look scandalous I hoped.

Now that a reasonable amount of time has passed since the shoot I can appreciate just how unusual it really was. It was like a job at the time and I took it seriously. The photographer was committed to getting the most out of the session. He had rehearsed his tickling plans in perfect detail. When my stockinged legs were opened and raised  and the blindfold was fitted on my face I was defenceless.


I only remember how much I had laughed while the pictures were being taken.

The soles of my shoeless feet had never had such a workout. Hard tickles, soft tickles and slow caresses up and down. I bit my lip, clenched my teeth and tried to concentrate past the tickles but it was no use. All I did was giggle, laugh and scream with perverse delight when I least expected it. I could not pose or find my best angle. There was not any time or an opportunity to think about how I looked.


When I saw the finished pictures I couldn’t help laughing again.

Here are some of the unused selections from the photoshoot. This time they are in their original colour.

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Photos by Stephane.

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  1. I listened to some doomy Scott Walker music while I was perving over these pics…the best just got better.

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