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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to use remote control kegel balls on live radio. I always thought it would be funny to hear my reactions live on air and test a couple’s toy that way. It would make for an interesting review and it made sense when I didn’t have an official or casual partner to try them with. 


I used to arrive at the studios and show my colleagues the toy in question before slipping off to the bathroom to insert some balls or a love egg. Then, I would press the remote a couple of times to check that everything was paired and ready to go. When we were all sat in the studio, I would hand the remote to the radio host as I sat there anticipating the first vibrations. But to my horror,  when they pressed my buttons, absolutely nothing happened… 


This is because the toys in question somehow ‘un-synced’ with the remote control as I was waiting. Needless to say, I was so disappointed and this is what happened with several products. 


All my efforts were for nothing!


So when I saw Momenta, a set of remote control Kegel balls from FemmeFun, I was relieved that someone had included some much needed intuition in the design.  For example, the power button is located outside the body so you can switch it on or off easily when wearing the toy. Normally, one would have to remove the toy completely to access the power button, which of course, I couldn’t do on live radio. If only I had received some balls like Momenta from FemmeFunn back then, during my radio days…


They definitely tick several boxes for me.  


Momenta from FemmeFun is a stylish and versatile pelvic floor trainer. There are 2 spheres. One of them vibrates and the other has a rattling ball inside. Therefore, with every step you take, you will enjoy a stimulating workout, even when it’s not vibrating. 


It’s a pelvic floor trainer but it is also designed for pleasure and fun thanks to its vibrating motor and remote control. You can wear it in public or private and let a partner press your buttons. Most women find pelvic floor exercises boring but when you perform them with a product like this, all of a sudden one feels more motivated to tighten up. 


And last but not least, they weigh 158 g. There aren’t many balls that weigh this much in the industry and I just love a challenge. They are ideal for my quest to obtain Olympic level pelvic floor muscles.  There are 10 vibration patterns. 

Momenta - FemmeFunn - A Stimulating Kegel Ball Workout, momenta, femmefunn, kegel ball, stimulating kegel ball, kegel ball workout, Couples, Love Balls, Rechargeable, Vibrators, pelvic floor workout, clitoral stimulator, female orgasm, orgasmic lifestyle, venus o'haraPACKAGING: Momenta is presented in a hard box that is ideal for storing the toy. It also contains a remote control and some instructions in English. 


MATERIAL: Momenta is made of silicone and ABS. It is compatible with water-based lubricant and it is waterproof. This means that you can enjoy your pelvic floor workouts in the bath or the shower. 


STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Nice and rumbly. 




USABILITY: Given that I have used many pelvic floor trainers, I found that they were very intuitive. As I held them in my hand, I was already looking forward to trying them. I inserted them as I waited for my lover to come over for tea during a work break. They were easy to insert and it is really cool not having to switch them on before insertion. I walked around my apartment and let gravity do its thing as I waited for him and I got used to the weight. 

I also sat on my sofa and ate the delicious sweets that were kindly included in the package. In fact, if you watch my review video, you can see my reactions the first time I made the balls vibrate by pressing the remote control.  Check it out below! 


I was surprised by how strong the vibrations were. Most similar toys provide moderate vibrations at most, and although they are pleasurable, this was next level. 


Soon after, my lover arrived and I was dying to surprise him. He could already tell from my mischievous smile that I was up to something. Then when I handed him the remote control, I confirmed his suspicions. He pressed the buttons not knowing which one did what and I enjoyed some spontaneous vibrations that made me blush, laugh out loud and get incredibly aroused. 


Of particular note was the ‘boost’ button on the remote control that is highly stimulating. It lasts for about 10 seconds before returning to the previous setting. 


When he left for work, I was so turned on that I decided to finish what i had started off and remove the balls and use the vibrating one as a clitoral stimulator until I reached ecstasy. There is something exquisite about feeling a ball like surface again my clitoris, that is what I was thinking to myself (among other things) until I reached orgasm. 

Momenta - FemmeFunn - A Stimulating Kegel Ball Workout, momenta, femmefunn, kegel ball, stimulating kegel ball, kegel ball workout, Couples, Love Balls, Rechargeable, Vibrators, pelvic floor workout, clitoral stimulator, female orgasm, orgasmic lifestyle, venus o'haraORGASM-O-BILITY: A strong pelvic floor will improve the quality of your orgasms thanks to its continued use. It will also improve your enjoyment of penetration, as you will have a tighter grip, which is also more pleasurable for a male partner. But before you get to the point of being an experienced user, you will still enjoy it immensely as you improve. 


Momenta is perfect for foreplay. It will no doubt get you in the mood for sex or another way to reach orgasm. You can also use the toy as a clitoral stimulator and have the vibrating ball against your clitoris which feels absolutely divine. 


PROS: Versatile. Fun. Perfect for foreplay, orgasms and using with a partner. Smooth surface. Elegant packaging. Intuitive system. External power button. 


CONS: There is no storage pouch included in the packaging. 




  • A conventional pelvic floor workout. 
  • A stimulating pelvic floor workout. 
  • Using with a partner as a foreplay toy in public or in private. 
  • Using externally as a clitoral stimulator. 
  • Women looking for an advanced pelvic floor workout. 

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