Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror – An Erotic Story by Venus O’Hara

The first time I slept with a woman, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. It was almost like losing my virginity all over again, only this time, I didn’t want my lack of experience to stand in the way of my pleasure. And fortunately, it didn’t thanks to a wonderful idea that popped into my mind at a key moment. 


Let me explain.  


When I was on my way to the airport, it dawned upon me, that I was doing something crazy. I had invited a girl I had met in Paris years ago to spend the weekend with me in Barcelona. We met briefly during my internship when I was a student and I thought there was a good vibe between us. It was only years later when we reconnected through social media that I began to see her in another light. 


It was during one of our catch-up calls when she confessed to me that she was a lesbian and that she had always found me attractive. I couldn’t believe it because I had no idea. Not only was I flattered but this confession made me curious. Bi-curious to be exact, 


Our long-distance contact became more frequent and gradually I found myself opening up to her about all sorts of things. I even admitted to her that I had always been curious about sleeping with a woman, but I had never had the opportunity. 


I saw her face illuminate when I told her this. That’s when our friendly conversations became incredibly flirtatious to the point where I was admitting that I was thinking about her as I masturbated and she said the same. 


I knew then that we had to meet up again in person. 


She booked a flight to Barcelona and as I waited for her in the arrivals lounge of the airport, my heart was beating so hard that I was worrying if our long-distance attraction would stand the test of proximity. The thing is a lot of long-distance fantasies can be projections and when you meet in real life it can end up being incredibly disappointing, I was hoping that that wouldn’t be the case with us. 


But then when I saw her come through the sliding doors I was thrilled as she looked even more beautiful than I could have wished for. Then when we greeted each other the energy between us was undeniable. 


That was the first challenge completed. At least now I knew that I liked her in person. The next one was to get over the inadequacy I felt knowing that we’d probably end up in bed together and I’d never slept with a woman before. I was hoping that my lack of experience wouldn’t make things awkward. 


Hours later, back at my place, we were on the sofa and she was sitting very close to me. I was wondering how things would get physical and I was far too shy to make the first move so I hoped she would, especially given the fact that she was more experienced.  The clock was ticking and when I was almost about to lose hope, she dived on me and we shared our first kiss. It was soft, electric and full of desire. Within no time, one thing led to another and we were shedding the layers of our clothes. It was a novel experience for me to unhook someone else’s bra, but I managed it. 


When we were both finally naked, it was fascinating to feel a woman’s body against my own. Feeling four warm breasts rub together was divine beyond words. I let my hands wander all over her bare skin to appreciate her softness as she started pushing her wet vulva against mine. We made sounds that I’d never heard before and our breathing was deep, fast and wild. 


Then she pulled away and she lay beside me, both on our sides, facing each other. When she traced her hand down my abdomen in the direction of my clitoris, I kind of panicked. I mean I wanted her to touch me but I was overwhelmed with my lack of expertise. Even though we had the same body parts, I still felt clueless.


As soon as I felt her touch me delicately, one part of me sighed with pleasure and all of a sudden it occurred to me that I didn’t have to worry about being a sapphic sex expert, all I had to do was mirror what she was doing to me. 


As she made soft circular movements on my clitoris, I reached down and did the same to her. It was strange to touch a vulva that wasn’t my own. Then when she increased the pressure and the friction, I did the same. Everything she did to me, I mirrored back to her. 


Then when she traced her finger between my labia to the entrance of my vagina, I did the same to her, fascinated by how wet we both were and the sounds we were making. We both fingered each other deeply and I moved my finger gently inside her in a ‘come hither’ motion, just as she was doing to me. As I copied everything she did, I no longer felt like an awkward novice, well I still felt like a novice but it wasn’t a bad thing, quite the opposite, every new experience was a joy to behold.


She started rocking her pelvis against my finger and as she did, I observed her arousal building even more and her moaning was getting louder. I did the same and this elicited the same response in me, it felt so good. We kissed between moans and then in no time at all we were both in a pulsating frenzy enjoying some intense orgasms. 


When those spasms against my fingers subsided as well as my own, we withdrew our fingers from each other and then pressed our wet vulvas against each other again in a postcoital embrace. It was kind of like a vaginal lip kiss, which felt divine with the extra wetness as well as the sensation of our breasts pressed together. 


‘For someone who has never been with a woman, you’re pretty good!’ She exclaimed. 


I smiled with satisfaction, knowing that my mirroring technique had worked a charm.

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