Manta from Fun Factory a Vibrating Stroker – Review for PeepShow Toys

‘Stop, if not I think I’m going to come…’

This is what my lover told me when I slid Manta from Fun Factory up and down his length a couple of times. And that wasn’t even part of the official sex toy test. I just got it out to show him and he didn’t quite understand the shape. So instead of explaining it to him, I thought I would give him a quick demonstration instead. I unzipped his flies and touched him until he got hard and then I showed him how Manta worked. I wasn’t expecting him to get into it so quickly and seamlessly.

Wow, is it really that good? I wondered to myself. I must confess, the men who have had the privilege of enjoying a couple’s sex toy with me were more seduced by the situation of trying something new in bed rather than the actual toy itself. In other words, sex toys have been stimulating for my male partners, but not quite orgasmic. That was until I tried Manta.

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Manta from Fun Factory is a vibrating stroker for men and couples. It has an ergonomic loop handle and a split, flexible tip that can wrap around his manhood, adapting to any size – length and girth.  It is ideal to use as a stroker for solo male use. You can also position it around the base of the penis during penetration to increase the stimulation for him while the female partner can enjoy the vibrating shaft against the clitoris. You need to hold the toy throughout the stimulation. Thanks to its shape, it is easy to move, remove and reposition as desired. It has the advantages of a cock ring, but without the tight or uncomfortable putting on or removal process.

It has 6 vibration settings and it is made in Germany. It also has a travel lock so that it doesn’t start randomly vibrating when you least want it to.

PACKAGING: Manta is presented in a box that also contains a magnetic USB charging cable and an instructions leaflet.

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MATERIAL: Body-safe silicone, compatible with water-based lubricant. It is waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Strong, deep and rumbly.

NOISE LEVEL: Moderate.

USABILITY: When the day of the official test arrived, we used Manta as a foreplay toy on him. This time, I made sure that I used plenty of lubricant so that it was as comfortable as possible for him. He got very turned on and we had to take a break before using it together, during penetration.

We used it in missionary position and I held the toy. I kept it at the base of his penis and increased the pressure against my clitoris from time to time. It felt divine, the rumbly vibration on my clitoris and my extra-hard lover inside me. He came before I did, but that was no tragedy. I just carried on using the toy as a clitoral stimulator and thanks to its powerful, deep, rumbly motor, it didn’t take me long at all.

I also used it as a solo clitoral stimulator. Check out my video below to see how it went!

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Incredible. For him. For her. For us!

PROS: Fun Factory quality. Made in Germany. Intuitive controls. Strong motor. Versatile.

CONS: The surface attracts a lot of dust.


  • Him as a penis stroker.
  • Hetero penetrative sex. like a more ergonomic handheld cock ring.
  • Her as a clitoral stimulator.
  • Couples looking for a truly versatile and orgasmic sex toy.

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