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Male Escort Opens Up About What His Job is Really Like

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a male escort? How these guys romance the ladies? And what they do day-to-day?

Well, you are in luck because we spoke to Seb, a real male escort, about what it’s like working in the industry during the current pandemic.

Here is his story:

With everywhere locked down at the moment, I’ve had to become a little creative in the way I work with clients. Some I’ve met in person before (and hopefully will again when everything gets back to a more normal state) so we’re relaxed into virtual video dates, and some I’ve met for a “first date” using video.

With a new client, we wouldn’t usually meet over the video, it would be in person at a coffee place. 

But everything, as it is now, makes it challenging. It’s a completely different thing meeting someone on a Skype video call who you’ve never met before in person. I’ve always been a believer in making real connections, feeling their energy, and seeing if there is some chemistry between us. I find it a little different to do over video.

Usually, there would be some contact between myself and the client: a greeting, holding hands, hugging, etc. I guess those things need to wait until I can meet with clients face to face again.

Right now, with current clients, we meet, have fun, and explore her fantasies virtually (I’ve even dressed up for role play with one client). I know some of the women I speak to are ready to meet in person as soon as the restrictions are lifted, and I am too.

Not everyone has the good fortune of having friends, a partner, or a family member they can speak to during these lonely times. That’s why I was happy most of my clients were eager to move online during the restrictions, and it’s something that Gentlemen4hire advised from the start too.

I try to make things creative though. With one client, M, we would usually meet up at a bar in town before going to a charity event or having dinner. Now, we have a virtual video date, both pour a glass of wine and talk through video. It’s a little strange to get used to, but once we’re talking, it feels as though we’re in the room together.

I have kept my daily routine the same, though. I’m still working my day job, online IT support, but working from home all of the time instead of just a few days a month. I wake up, go for a run, and then shower. Even now that I’m not meeting a client in person, I know that women tend to spot all of the little details, so I feel better keeping in shape and being on top form (and yes, I wear pants on video calls).

Like most people, I long to be free and for everything to go back to normal. To be able to go to a restaurant, the theatre, or away for the weekend with a client. To take the time, in person, to explore their fantasies with them and enjoy the experiences they want to have.

Or, to simply have a walk into town or a stroll through the park. 

I know that my job and situation may seem to be a lot better than many other people, and I am grateful that I meet some fantastic and interesting women, but I can’t wait for the time when we can all spend time in each other’s company again. Clients do miss being with us, but we also miss being with our clients and bringing fun and exciting experiences in their lives. 

2 thoughts on “Male Escort Opens Up About What His Job is Really Like”

  1. That was seriously boring, you need to ask better questions. Who cares about boring Covid life as an escort, fine maybe just touch on that indicating that it’s not the same currently, then explain how things were BEFORE.
    Im an escort myself so I wanted to know what it’s like to be one from the mans perspective.
    Has he taken the time to read books about women, or attend classes, like the pleasure course or goddes worship courses or Tantra, to expand his knowledge?
    What makes him special/unique, worth hiring? Brag a little!
    Or is he just very experienced from lists of practice?
    What are his likes and maybe not dislikes but less preferred parts of the “job”?
    What are his thoughts around getting women off, has he learned a ton that he’d love to teach others?
    Like Women are notoriously known for taking hell-all-of-a lot longer to cum then men, so I’m curious what his experience is and how long it takes him, on average to get a woman off?
    What’s his process?
    Does he have a go-to routine and then specific methods? I sure do.
    I’d so love to hear them cuz I not very ogasmic myself and I’d so love to learn more from a man who’s seen MANY women, what his experiance is learning how to please us all.
    Are we really each, very different or is there a lot more similarities cuz I find pleasing women stressful, every lady wants it so different.
    I’ve always wanted to hire my own escort, reverse the roles.

    1. Same here I always wonder what that is like for guys because I only know from my own female perspective! But this didn’t really give much if any interesting info :/

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