Mad for MadRubb (Latex Fetish)

MadRubb Latex

Mad for MadRubb Latex

I love latex and not just as something to wear. I don’t just like it for its appearance but also for its aroma, the sounds it makes when you move in it and the subculture that surrounds it. When I’m at a fetish party and I have the opportunity to wear it in public with other fetishists, I feel a unique excitement. It’s a sensation unmatched by any other, almost a latexstasy.

The latex fetish is based on the nature of the material itself and the way it clings to the body like a second skin. For me, it’s like I feel naked while knowing that I’m dressed at the same time.The process of dressing in Latex is a ritual. It’s a very sensual process that requires some patience.

It’s not like taking normal clothes from your closet, putting them on and that’s it. In some cases you have to apply talc to yourself to facilitate the operation because its so difficult. Then comes the fun part of the process: to make the dull surface of the latex look glossy. It requires a special product to achieve this effect. The application of ‘shiner’ or silicon lubricant feels like a gentle caress of coolness and it gives me chills every time. After a while, the garment becomes dull again and that’s when it’s necessary to repeat the application. With it comes a brief but thrilling sensation of pleasure.

It’s in those moments when I wonder why so many men complain of a loss of sensitivity when they put on a condom. I’m convinced that when I wear latex I can feel everything. To satisfy my curiosity, I went onto a forum dedicated to latex fetishism and asked if the male members enjoyed using condoms more because they were made from their favourite material.Those who answered told me that not only did they enjoy sex more with condoms but that the thicker they were the more their pleasure increased.

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I’ve always liked the look of latex. I remember when I was writing ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’, with Erika Lust, that I needed to illustrate part of the book with photos of this material. I was looking in all the erotic boutiques in Barcelona and found nothing. So, the only possibility was for me to import it or buy it via the Internet. I visited several latex designer’s websites in the UK and Germany. I was fascinated by their collections; elegant dresses, catsuits and lingerie available in many bright colours, not just black. However, knowing that the true value of latex is how it adapts to the body wearing it, I concluded that buying online is not exactly the best way to obtain a garment that has these characteristics.

Since then, fortunately, the latex market in Spain has blossomed and MadRubb is the market leader. Since it started out, six years ago, the brand hasn’t stopped growing.They produce made-to-measure latex garments. This avoids the potential disappointments of incorrect fitting or, worse still, not even being able to get it on.The advantage of bespoke latex, is that you can choose the color, style and the adornments that you want. You’re not limited to a single collection.

Daphne, of Madrubb, says: “There are customers who come to you with a very specific design in mind.There are also those ones who have never worn latex before and need our guidance…or they trust us because they are already regular customers of ours.”

After a slow start, latex is clinging to the Spanish fashion world more and more, and it seems that it’s not going anywhere soon. Now, anyone who wishes to, can live out their own moment of latexstasy.


Translation of ‘Loca por el latex‘ , published in El Pais.

Photos G. Moberly

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