Loving my Crotchless Bodystocking

There is nothing as revealing as a bodystocking. This is true even if it isn’t crotchless. Fortunately, for this set, that wasn’t going to be a problem. When I took it out of its packaging and unfolded it, it was obvious just how open it would be around the derriere area. I got excited just thinking about wriggling into the mesh and fitting it onto my naked, topless, body. It wasn’t long before I had the perfect opportunity.

Sometimes I have to plan my look before I can be satisfied with the fetish image I want to project. There was no problem before this shoot. The wide mesh tickled my bare skin and dragged against my curves. My breasts were sculpted and pressed down. I made sure my hard nipples poked out through openings in the stylish netting of the bodystocking. Its black mesh clung tightly all over and made me feel as though I was wearing a little something even though I realised it was hardly anything. I wondered just how much of my pale skin showed through. Almost all of it, I hoped.

To emphasise all of that whiteness peeking through the grid of clinging threads, I needed to do something slightly different with my long red hair. After having it fastened into a retro style with metal clips for a while, I undid it and wore it loose. The coppery curls were incredible and the fringe gave me exactly the effect I was looking for. All it needed was the coordinating reds of my lipstick and nail polish to add even more visual heat.

I remembered how liberating it felt when I walked around a bedroom wearing only high heels. I wondered if it would be the same if I was almost nude. It was just as much fun striding around in the bodystocking and the heels as it was without real clothes. I loved the generous ovals cut out of the sides and the scandalous opening revealing my derriere cleavage.

There is nothing as revealing as a bodystocking even if it isn’t crotchless…but it really helps.

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You can order the bodystocking HERE:
Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie

Photography by Guy Moberly.

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  1. This one has a wider guage mesh than your last bodystocking. You look even more desirable in this one.

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