Love Triangle – Satisfyer App – Sex Toy Review

I have just enjoyed a well-deserved holiday in Galicia, Spain doing the ‘Camino de Santiago’ a famous walking pilgrimage. I walked over 100 km in a week and I stayed in different VIP accommodations every night. Luxury hotels call for luxury orgasms.


Before I left, I had a big dilemma when it came to choosing a sex toy to bring with me on my travels. 


Love Triangle from Satisfyer proved to be the perfect travel companion for many reasons. I chose it thanks to its small, discreet shape and especially because it has a lid for the nozzle. This meant that it was protected in my bags and nothing could get inside. 


It is the first toy from Satisfyer that I’m reviewing that works with the new Satisfyer app, Satisfyer Connect. It allows you to control the toy from your mobile phone, create your own patterns, you can even create patterns from your favourite music, or ambient sounds, that could be the voice of your lover. 

The most fun feature of all is partner control where you can connect with a partner and let them take control of your toy. You can even control theirs at the same time if you wish. I wish I had known about this during the lockdown earlier this year, it certainly would have made staying at home a lot more exciting. 


It is also compatible with the Apple Watch, which is very cool. There is a Gyroscope function which allows you to activate the motors just from lifting or twisting your arm. It’s a lot of fun! Check out the video below to see it in action. 


PACKAGING: Love Triangle is presented in a hard, elegant box that has a hygiene seal. It also contains a magnetic charging cable, a multilingual user guide, some safety information and a leaflet containing the guarantee information. Interestingly, the guarantee on the new Satisfyer products lasts for 15 years! Imagine how many orgasms you could have in that time! 

MATERIAL: It is made of ABS and silicone. It is compatible with water-based lubricant and it is waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or the shower. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Moderate – strong, depending on the settings used. 


NOISE LEVEL: Moderate. 

USABILITY: It was very intuitive to use. A full charge takes four hours. There are 3 buttons, a power button that activates the air pulse stimulation, a wave button for the vibration and a third button to reduce the intensity of the air pulse. The motors can be controlled individually. 


The app is also very intuitive to use. All you have to do is download it and press the power button on the toy for 4 seconds in order to pair the toy with the app. Once paired, it is very intuitive to use the app. Simply follow the instructions on the screen. 


If you wish to use it with the Apple Watch, it is necessary to remove the device from the Satisfyer app and the Bluetooth part in your telephone settings. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I enjoyed many orgasms during my holiday with Love Triangle. Thanks to its ergonomic shape and pleasant motors, it couldn’t fail. I especially loved using the air pulse on a gentle setting with a strong vibration. Delicious. 


Some of my accommodations were former palaces and even a former hospital that was over 500 years old. I did wonder, as I writhed in orgasmic ecstasy on my bed if there were any spirits watching me as I pleasured myself. There was one place with a suspicious flickering light that was a bit eerie, to say the least. 


PROS: Elegant shape. Waterproof. There is a lid to protect the nozzle. Ergonomic. Intuitive controls. Rechargeable. Compatible with the Satisfyer App and the Apple Watch. 


CONS: It isn’t silent. 




  • A travel sex toy. 
  • Intense, clitoral stimualtion. 
  • Long-distance relationships. 
  • Hot zoom calls. 


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