Love Me Like You Hate Me – in Practice

As a qualified teacher I felt a unique thrill when I used my book – “Love Me Like You Hate Me”, co-written with Erika Lust, as the key text for my first live fetish class.

I’ve often been asked about whether I would consider doing a live fetish show or class to demonstrate my theories. I had entertained the idea a couple of times already but had never taken it really seriously. Recently, however, on a night out, a club owner asked me how much I would charge for a fetish show. I was really intrigued and promised him that I would give it some thought. Perhaps it was the time to do it for real.

A week later, while I was enjoying a drink with a friend, I found myself telling him about the proposition from the week before about the fetish show. He thought it was a great idea and he told me I should go for it. By chance, he had some old friends of his flying into Barcelona that weekend and he had been trying to organise a surprise for them that they would never forget. He offered me the opportunity to use his friends as guinea pigs for my very first live fetish class.

It seemed to be the perfect exchange for both of us and I agreed immediately. Then, it just got better when he offered me the assistance of a female slave “Lila” who would serve me for the evening. It was obvious to me to use my book – Love Me Like You hate Me – as the basis for the class. The format of the lessons featured the theory and practice of blindfolds, bondage, roleplay and spanking.

All of my subjects were “vanilla” when they walked in and most of them were married. After my successful class they became kinky converts. Now they have all gone home I wonder whether their wives are benefitting from my lessons as well…

Photo by Andrew O’Hara

legs Venus O'Hara
Venus O’Hara by Andrew O’Hara

17 thoughts on “Love Me Like You Hate Me – in Practice”

  1. I shall, most assuredly, be ordering a copy of this book from you…I will hide it from my wife though…at first.

  2. I guess the only way to find out what the lesson was… is to read the book. A no-brainer, of course I have to have one.

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