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Look into My Eyes by Venus O’Hara

They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. I don’t know if that’s true. But I do know that I want to try some soul gazing with you. It’s supposed to encourage intimacy. I’ve even heard that it can make sex become an otherworldly, spiritual experience.

Let’s find out, shall we? 

I’m sitting on you, facing you with my legs wrapped around you and we are engaged in an eye gazing ritual. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so glad you are open to it.  I’ve set the alarm on my phone to allow for five minutes. I don’t want it to go on for too long just in case it’s weird. 

As we begin, I can’t deny that there are fleeting moments of nervousness, shyness and awkwardness. But not as many as I expected. After the initial strangeness, I’m able to hold my gaze and allow myself to get lost in your eyes. 

I’m well and truly present and in the moment. I’m just feeling. Well, that’s not entirely true. My thoughts don’t stop. I’m processing what we have shared so far, and fantasising about all the things I want to do with you. There’s a long list to keep me occupied during this ritual. 

 I start to wonder what you are thinking. What is behind your stare? I’d really love to know. And I wonder if my eyes are revealing what I’m truly feeling and thinking. As our gazing session progresses, I start to feel emotionally naked. 

After a while, I start to think about the time. How long have we been doing this for? Would it be rude of me to check my phone? Why hasn’t the alarm gone off? Did time stand still or was my phone on silent? 

Soon enough the curiosity gets the better of me and I avert my gaze to check how long we’ve been doing this for. 

18 minutes! I can’t believe it. You can’t believe it either it seems. And yes, my phone was on silent. It felt like time stood still yet it flew by at the same time. 

I must confess that I’m impressed by my gazing initiation. It’s like I’ve flexed a muscle I didn’t know I had. I want to experiment with more.  

Later on, we are lying down side to side on the sofa locked in an embrace as we indulge in another soul gazing session. This time you stimulate my clitoris ever so softly and there is no limit on time. I discover that combining intimate touch with gazing takes this newfound hobby of mine to another level. 

Interestingly, this time there’s no nervousness. Through my gaze, I try to communicate sensations that I don’t have the courage to express with words, hoping that you’ll be able to read me somehow. At the same time, I’m thinking that I love how you touch me. With no instruction, you instinctively know my body, you can read me so well. But can you read my gaze as well as you can read my body? 

My breathing accelerates as my excitement builds. I can hear the wet sounds from my extra-aroused yoni. I don’t usually get this wet. My entire being reacts to you in a way that is unexpected, delicious and a little bit scary if I’m honest. My desire knows no limits, it’s immeasurable. Part of me is excited by this whereas another part of me is petrified. What goes up must come down, so they say. But my fear isn’t enough to discourage me. I want to get high on you. 

There comes a point when I stop thinking and I’m just reacting to your stimulus. My orgasm is imminent. I’m tempted to close my eyes, as I usually would when I’m about to come. But I won’t this time. I lose myself in your left eye, my stare softens and I lose focus. I’m absorbed by your gaze and it transports me to a faraway place. 

All of a sudden, I’m exploring the heights and depths of pure boundless bliss. An embodiment of ecstasy unfolds as I explode. I relish the orgasmic waves that move through my entire body, from the crown of my head right down to the tips of my toes. As I attempt to get my breath back, I’m consumed by more orgasmic waves that electrify my entire being. 

‘It won’t stop,’ I whisper a few times as I enjoy this never-ending full body orgasm that is taking me by complete surprise. You hardly react. You’re still staring back at me and your fingers are still working their magic on me. 

‘You stayed with me the whole time.’ You say, when my orgasmic spasms eventually subside, referring to the fact that I didn’t avert my gaze from yours, not even for a millisecond. 

They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and through our soul gazing I discovered a sacred place that I long to revisit again and again.

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