Long Hair Sex

I didn’t know much about long hair sex until I grew mine.

Whenever I see a woman – with a beautiful mane of long hair- walking ahead of me, I always wonder what she looks like. I always get more attention when I go out with my long, curly, red hair worn loose over my shoulders. If I want to be anonymous I just wear it up in a high bun instead. In hot weather it is a harder decision to make as I don’t want to lose my hair’s natural appeal when it catches the light. It’s the classic long-hair dilemma.

I feel less naked when my long red hair covers the nape of my neck. My shoulders and back also enjoy the sensation of the soft weight resting on it. At those moments my nipples just want it to grow a little bit faster so they can appreciate it too.

The way long hair can be used to improve your sex life was a real surprise to me. A long kiss can be interrupted – deliberately – by my long red tresses somehow getting in the way of our lips.

I’m often told much later that my lovers spend ages picking all of my long red hairs out of their bed. Long hair sex lets me leave my mark on them for much much longer.

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Photos by Guy Moberly

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20 thoughts on “Long Hair Sex”

  1. It’s really clever the way you deny us the view of your between- the-legs smoothness and flaunt your exuberant hair as a stand-in for our desires instead.

  2. The only way to improve your hair would be to pour a goblet of warm advocaat on it and watch it trickle down…mmm, almost bedtime…

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