Long hair fetish Venus O'Hara - Yuky

The Growth of Long Hair Fetish

The long hair fetish is particularly important to those who associate it with a woman’s animal nature, with the unruliness of female sexuality.

Trichophilia or hair fetishism is a paraphilia in which the subject of the fetish becomes sexually stimulated in the presence of, or is compelled by, human hair. It is most commonly head hair that becomes the preferred object of this fetish. Arousal may occur from images of long hair or by watching or touching very long hair, hair cutting, long fringes, red hair, wet hair or new hairstyling techniques that exploit its potential.

Long hair fetish Venus O'Hara - Yuky
Long hair fetishism seems to be very common, since there are a great many web sites and forums devoted to it. These interest groups are based in numerous countries which indicates the global reach of this kink.
Long hair fetish Venus O'Hara - Yuky

Scientific studies have established that long hair has played a vital role in any animal species’ natural selection. Long, thick and healthy hair is frequently a sign of fertility, youth and represents unavoidable reproductive value. As human hair grows slowly, long hair is visual proof of several years of a person’s health, status and fitness. Hair length has, over time, become firmly associated with female attractiveness by men as well as women.

Long hair fetish Venus O'Hara - Yuky

I’ve always had long hair and I love it, especially now that it’s nipple length and so versatile as a fetish material to adapt use and enhance features such as my neck, shoulders and face. When I’m deep in thought, weighing up options or just being coquettish, I can be seen to play with my long, red hair, sculpting it and teasing it: just as I would the person I’m thinking about or talking to. If that individual hadn’t been aware of the power of long hair fetish before they met me, they are only too aware of it afterwards.

Long hair fetish- Venus O'Hara by Yuky

Photography by YUKY.

3 thoughts on “The Growth of Long Hair Fetish”

  1. Studies show almost all men admire long-hair in women, and have for two millenia. This general male appreciation is certainly not any sort of fetish.. The tiny number of men who make a fetish of it, is no more or less than the number who make a fetish of something else. However, it is true, that many women disapprove of a boyfriend who expresses admiration, because she automatically thinks “He’s more interested in my hair than in who I am” That seems to be a common female reaction. I have been told this by women.

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