Venus O'Hara - Lipstick Fetish

Lipstick Fetish

The popularity of the lipstick fetish can be explained quite simply; some colours, particularly red, when applied to a woman’s facial lips make a direct imaginative connection between them and the darkened, excited state of her vulva.

In Medieval Europe, lipstick was banned by the church and was thought to be used as an “incarnation of Satan”. It gained some popularity in 16th century England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who made bright red lips and a stark, white face fashionable. This attitude didn’t last.In the 19th century, lipstick was no longer considered acceptable in Britain. When Queen Victoria took the throne in 1837, she banned lipstick and declared that it was only acceptable for prostitutes.


Venus O'Hara Lipstick Fetish
Photo by Lars Koudal


Lipstick Fetish
Lipstick Fetish by Lars Koudal

Lipstick fetishists understand that, thoughtfully applied, this cosmetic weapon makes a woman erotically appealing by accentuating her mouth, whichever colour she chooses. When I go shopping for lipstick I find it very difficult to find my perfect colour. I usually opt for very dark lipliner to outline my cupid’s bow and then I use it to fill in the rest. Then I apply pink lipgloss to achieve the desired, long-lasting effect.


Photography by Lars Koudal.

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2 thoughts on “Lipstick Fetish”

  1. Tus labios están muy bellos con ese color, pero a mi me seducen mucho mas tus ojos. Miro tus fotos, y la mirada se me va directamente a tus ojos. ¿Que es lo que busca tu mirada . . . ? Tu mirada contempla desde dentro como esperando ver algo que pueda sorprenderla.

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