Lipstick and Leather Gloves Fetish

It is quite common for me to be asked what my favourite fetish is. Believe it or not, that is not a question that I can answer very easily.

My taste in fetishes can be dependent upon my mood or even the time of the year I find myself in. In Winter, I can indulge myself by wearing stockings and suspenders, latex dresses, designer corsets, tight woollen sweaters and, especially, leather gloves. Although I’m looking forward to warmer temperatures and the approach of Summer, it will be a shame to pack my burgundy-coloured Marks and Spencer gloves away. I’m holding on to them for as long as I can.

I remember that I was in the U.K. and on a mission to do some shopping when I saw these gloves. I had intended to buy some things that I missed from home but I forgot all that when I saw the rack that the leather gloves were displayed on. I went over immediately and looked for a pretty black pair in my size. Black leather goes with absolutely everything where clothes are concerned. Then, I had an idea. My usual lipstick colour is either MAC Red or MAC Vino lipliner. What if I wore gloves that matched my lips? I saw this pair and they were exactly the same shade.

Their fit was perfect and the leather, when I opened and shut my hand, was soft and smooth with a rich and arousing aroma. I didn’t want to take them off and have to wait in a queue to make them mine. Now, when I hear people complaining about the cold, I have to hide the fact that I’m secretly delighted. It means I can wear my gloves as often as I like and indulge one of my favourite fetishes.

It doesn’t matter which style or colour of clothing I wear in Winter because I know that my leather gloves and pouting lips will always be perfectly coordinated.
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Photos by Guy Moberly.

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