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Lipstick and Furs

After doing so many photo-shoots and meeting so many different make-up artists I’ve picked up many great tips. For this retro glamour set I decided to put some of them to the best possible use. I went against my usual natural look and I felt like trying something different.

When it comes to my long red hair I usually just wash and wear. I never blow-dry. This time, however, I found my curling tongs in my bathroom cupboard and felt it was time to use them. I usually don’t bother with them because it takes so long to get the effect I want. Although my long red hair has its own curl I wanted much more definition to it. It took even more time to achieve this than I’d imagined. As it turned out I enjoyed the process more than I can say.

I’m a lipstick fetishist and I didn’t need much of an excuse to use my favourite colour, MAC Red. I love the glossy vintage look it gives my full lips even though traces of the lipstick seem to end up everywhere. It took a long time to get the perfect outline for my lips but when I did I just couldn’t stop pouting.

To satisfy my fur fetish I wore my favourite fur coat. I drew the soft collar up against my neck so I could feel its fur caressing my skin and have my hair falling onto it and mixing with it.

The next time I go for a vintage fetish look, it will be even better than this. I knew when we shot it that it wasn’t quite perfect but, as with everything else, a little more practise will guarantee that it will be.

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Photography by Guy Moberly

28 thoughts on “Lipstick and Furs”

  1. In the previous post you assumed the perfect incarnation of a hooded and remorseless domme. Now you occupy a visual realm of retro glamour and vintage fetish. How do you do it?

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