Full Natural Lips Fetish – Venus O’Hara

I adore the supremacy of my lips; I love their plumpness and the cupid’s bow that they fall into so easily. When I look at my face before I apply my make-up I feel like my small mouth isn’t really there until I draw it into reality with a smooth line. When I decide against their natural colour and choose to project more of my personality, I wear lip-liner for the whole of my lips, every bit. My signature colour of deep red gives me a sharper attitude, even a more confident walk and I never forget to leave home without my lip-balm, just in case.

I can’t stand the sight of trout pouts. No matter how much you spend on collagen or implants to build a perfect pair of lips, it never works; you just can’t fake it. When I see my own full, natural, ones I remember how great it would be to ease down on a chaise-longue that duplicates their shape exactly. The erotic mouth of Mae West,the great Hollywood actress, inspired Salvador Dali to make his iconic sofa in 1936 and I feel it’s time for another similar statement. I’m ready.

I had wanted to produce a great post for lip fetishists for some time but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the combination of this acute hat and the edge of my collar that I really produced images that I loved and that they will adore.Every other detail in the frame is removed from view, only my lips remain and they reign supreme.

Enjoy Lips!

Venus O’Hara

Photos by Lars Koudal

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