Lingerie Inspection

Lingerie Inspection by Venus O’Hara

Lingerie Inspection

‘Are you any good at tying bows?’ I ask him. 

He looks confused. 

He is sitting down and I go to stand before him. I have my back to him and I lift my dress to show him exactly what I’m referring to. I’m wearing a pair of panties with an intentional gaping hole that emphasises my bum cleavage. It has a satin ribbon that I am unable to tie myself in a way that does it justice so I decide to ask him for assistance.  

He obliges and I feel his delicate hands on my derrière. His fingertips brush lightly on my skin as he tries to tie the bow with great care. I’m turned on again. We have been enjoying a daily lingerie inspection ritual where he lifts my dress to discover what I’m wearing underneath. I love the fact that he takes an interest in my lingerie choice of the day. Even though it makes the choosing process significantly more time-consuming and complicated. It’s always worth the extra effort, though, because I absolutely love the fact that there is an extra pair of eyes relishing and appreciating my underwear. 

In order to perform the ritual, every morning, I open my lingerie drawer and try to choose my undergarments of the day. My drawer is literally bursting with options and this actually makes this all-important decision even more of a challenge. As I peruse the abundant offer, I wonder why the 80-20 rule applies. That is to say, I wonder why I only wear 20% of the selection that I have at my disposal. What a waste! 

My daily choice is usually dictated by the purpose. For example, there are the panties I wear for the gym, where comfort and discretion are key so they fit under a pair of tight leggings. Then I reserve the ‘worst’ ones for my period or when I get a professional massage because I don’t care if they get stained with coconut oil or menstrual blood.  

It goes without saying that the most important category contains the ones that will be seen by a lover. Especially when its discovery has become a daily ritual. For this, there are two important factors to take into consideration. They have to be the most flattering and the most scandalous. 

When I say scandalous, I’m referring to pointless ones that serve no practical purpose other than provocation. I’m talking about crotchless panties and any other garments that highlight the body parts that they are supposed to be concealing. In general, they are not the most comfortable, but wearing them stirs up something deliciously sensual inside me that the momentary discomfort is always worth it. 

As I pore over the offer in my drawer, I’m suddenly transported back to when I wore a black fishnet crotchless bodystocking. I remember seeing and feeling his hand cover my vulva as he stimulated me. I felt more naked than ever, even though I was partially clothed. And keeping it on during sex provided an extra thrill that total nakedness could never do. I need to gather myself as I recall that moment.

Every day, I try to choose something that will provoke that same sensation of wild, horny energy

When I finally make my panty choice of the day, I smile to myself mischievously and I put them on. The desire for discovery is enhanced once I put my outer clothes on. This is because the lingerie must be covered in order to make the discovery of it more significant and impactful. It’s like he’s revealing a hot secret that is for his eyes only. I love to see his appreciation and awaken his most primitive senses as his hands caress my buttocks in approval. 

Just as I’m about to indulge in today’s lingerie inspection ritual, a thought comes to mind. 

What if I chose not to wear anything at all and went commando under my clothes? 

I wonder how he would react to that during our lingerie inspection. I guess there is only one way to find out. 

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