Let’s get Beducated! The Roadmap to Intimacy Couple’s Course Review

I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of days, devouring content on Beducated, an online platform that hosts an array of sexual wellness courses on a variety of topics.


I never realised that learning could be so much fun. On it, you can find courses for couples singles, of any gender and any sexual orientation. Some courses are explicit whereas others are more descriptive. I found many topics that appeal to my own sexuality but if I’m honest I found the ones that discussed topics that I’m not interested in exploring in real life to be even more appealing and intriguing. That’s the wonderful thing about such a platform. You can consume content and get to know your own tastes, desires and fantasies even better. 


For example, I don’t think I would ever be interested in polyamory and open relationships in real-life situations, but as a topic, it intrigues me a lot. I find it interesting to learn about how couples, throuples and more manage to control emotions around jealousy. I’m fascinated by their protocols and agreements and especially how honest they are with their partners about being attracted to someone outside the relationship. This is quite taboo for most couples. Another thing that I’m interested in is how they manage time. It is already difficult to have a balanced life when you are dating one person, let alone more than one. 

I guess the topic of sexuality is very interesting to me and not just the parts I personally want to indulge in. 


I love the fact that Beducated offers a subscription that grants access to all courses for this very reason. If I had to buy individual courses, I would probably only choose topics that I actually want to experience in real life. 


I chose to complete the course Roadmap to Intimacy hosted by Dr Jenni Slyler and Daniel  Lebowitz, a husband and wife team who are the founders of The Intimacy Institute. 


I am actually single at this moment in time, after ending a relationship last summer. I have kissed a couple of frogs but what I would really like is to meet my prince, my Mars O’Hara. After completing this course I feel more ready as I have understood more about how to communicate things I like or don’t like as well as labelling my feelings. 


I can see where I have gone wrong in the past. Years ago, I used to have a victim mentality. Nothing was ever my fault and things happened to me. I could never accept my own wrongdoings or be accountable for negative situations, misunderstandings or arguments with my ex-partners. 


I was high maintenance and it scared me. As a consequence, I adopted a more avoidant attachment style, a commitment-phobe who avoids intimacy at all costs. It may feel safer this way, but one misses out on so much. Even in more recent, more chilled out relationships, I have struggled with expressing my true feelings, so I just kept them to myself. 


Although the Roadmap to Intimacy course is for couples and I’m a singleton, I do feel more ready than before to enjoy some intimate connections. 


The course comprises 4 areas of intimacy. Emotional intimacy, physical intimacy, sensual intimacy and sexual intimacy. There is a focus on how to label and express feelings and how to ask for what you want. There are also some exercises to help you to connect with your partner. 


I devoured the course in under 2 days, but if I had already met my Mars, I would do only one chapter per day.  This way, it would take a couple of weeks to complete but it would give us the opportunity to get to know the lesson well and apply it to our relationship in order to thrive. 

Here are some key points about The Roadmap to Intimacy course.


  • This course combines concepts from psychotherapy and sex therapy to address common relationship issues.


  • Led by married couple Dr Jenni Skyler & Daniel Lebowitz, the course aims to provide couples with skills and knowledge to foster a healthy relationship.


  • The instructors in this course are married and represent a heterosexual relationship. However, the information in this course can be used by anyone regardless of their gender, the gender of their partners, or relationship status. 


  • It explores four different types of intimacy: emotional, physical, sensual, and sexual.


  • At the end of some of the modules, there are exercises that you can do alone or with a partner to practice and develop the skills discussed throughout the module.



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