Let Me Control It

Let Me Control It by Venus O’Hara

Let Me Control It

Don’t get me wrong. I like how you touch me. I like how you taste me. But I simply cannot lie back, be present and just enjoy the moment. I’m so distracted by desire that I’m already anticipating what’s going to happen next. 

And don’t assume that I’m passive just because I said that missionary was my favorite sex position. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I guess it’s because my version varies from the standard one. You see, I like to control everything from below. I think I’ll die if I don’t feel it right now. My body needs it and my soul needs it. 

You’re hard and I cannot wait to feel you inside me, but on my terms. You are still unaware of them so I explain what they are briefly in two concise sentences:

‘Don’t move,’ 

‘Let me control it.’ 

I reach for a condom and put it on you. I hold your cock at the base. I can barely contain my excitement.  This is really happening. I guide the tip against my vulva and I let out a soft moan. I’m so ready. I’m so wet. I’m so aroused.  I open my thighs more and lift my pelvis slowly towards you, closing the gap between our bodies. I feel the first milimetres of your bulbous tip stretching my vagina and I sigh as I notice those familiar sensations that never cease to amaze me. 

Now I can be mindful. I’m not thinking about anything. I’m just feeling. I’m present and I want this sensation to last for as long as physically possible. To accomplish this, I make slow, subtle movements against you. 

When you’re almost completely inside, I let out some deep moans. I’ve reached the desired destination. My breath quickens, I arch my back and feel you even deeper inside. I contract and relax my pelvic muscles rhythmically against you, welcoming you to my sacred space. 

Soon enough, I notice the energy and tension accumulating in my body.  It’s incredible that we are only connected at one part of our bodies yet I can feel it everywhere from my head right down to my toes. 

Forgive me if I bite you or if I scratch you when I grab onto you. I cannot be responsible for my actions or reactions right now. I feel helpless. I’m at the mercy of the primal desire that has taken complete control of my existence at this moment.  

I’m breathing deeper, faster and my moans are getting louder and louder. I am brimming with ecstasy. The point of no return is coming. I’m coming

Waves of tension are suddenly released as my pelvic muscles begin to spasm involuntarily. I’m floating through space as I experience otherworldly pleasure. This is exactly what my body has been craving. 

I moan, I scream, I even cry. I hope you’re not going to be freaked out by my tears. I’m not sad, I just feel an immense amount of overwhelming pleasure as I surrender to the moment. Well, actually there is a small element of sadness. Part of me is angry with the Universe for denying me this pleasure for far too long. I want more. I need more.

When my cosmic climax concludes I am back to reality, but luckily it’s not over. I leave myself in your capable hands and let you know that the period of control is over. I’m going to be passive from now on and I’m curious to see what you do when I let you control it. 

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