LELO Soraya Wave Review

If Ina Wave and Soraya 2 from LELO were to reproduce, the result would be  LELO Soraya Wave. It is a luxury rabbit vibrator that has the best features of both toys and it is truly amazing. 


It’s no secret that I adore Ina Wave. It has featured in many of my ‘Top 5’ videos over the years. I have probably enjoyed thousands of orgasms from it and it still looks good and it works perfectly. It has certainly stood the test of time. 


Soraya 2 is also another favourite. In fact, I would say that it is was a highlight from this year so far. It was a blessed distraction during the coronavirus lockdown earlier this year, which is when I received it. All of a sudden, having to stay at home wasn’t such a sacrifice for me, as you may imagine. 

Now, LELO Soraya Wave offers the best of both worlds. 


It combines expert G spot stimulation thanks to its ‘come hither‘ movement provided by WaveMotion Technology. It is similar to Ina Wave while having the shape of Soraya 2.  


As well as the delicious WaveMotion function, the shape of the shaft is also ideal for G spot stimulation. The clitoral arm is also perfect for producing direct clitoral stimulation. It is flexible so that it can adapt to different anatomies. 


But is it as good as Soraya 2 or Ina Wave? 


I had high hopes for Soraya Wave and she didn’t disappoint. I loved the different patterns and combinations of vibration with different wave rhythms. Normally, I would just try all the different settings during the arousal phase and then settle on a continuous vibration to provoke an orgasm. With Soraya Wave, however, I enjoyed the different settings so much that I was in no rush to have an orgasm. I just wanted the waves to go on and on forever. 

I rarely insert sex toys, so when I do it is always quite special. For me combining clitoral stimulation with G spot stimulation makes the orgasm twice as intense as if it were clitoral stimulation alone. 


But not all G spot stimulators are created equal. Some can provide too much pressure on the front wall of the vagina and make you feel as though you want to pee. Fortunately, that is not the case with Soraya Wave. The pressure and stimulation are both very pleasurable and precise. 


PACKAGING: It is presented in a stylish hard box that also contains a USB charging cable, a sachet of LELO personal moisturiser which is glycerine free and paraben-free. It also contains a warranty registration card and a drawstring storage pouch. There is also a leaflet with a QR code where you can download the full user manual in PDF format. 

MATERIAL: It is made of ABS and body-safe silicone. It is also waterproof which makes it easy to clean and you can create some orgasmic waves in the bath or the shower. It is available in three colours: Midnight Blue, Deep Rose and Black. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: It is deliciously strong. You can use the plus or minus buttons on the toy to find the ideal intensity to suit your tastes.  


NOISE LEVEL: Not too loud considering that there are vibrating and wave motors. For a soundcheck, check out my LELO Soraya Wave review video below. 


USABILITY: To deactivate or activate the travel lock, press down on the plus and minus buttons together for 3 seconds. Charging takes 2 hours and it will provide you with up to 2 hours of pleasure. There are 8 pleasure patterns to enjoy. Check out my video below to see how they are. They are very varied. There is one that doesn’ wave, another that waves but doesn’t vibrate as well as a combination of different wave and vibration combos. 


Normally I prefer a continuous vibration on the clitoris to reach orgasm but in this case, there are some very interesting pleasure patterns to enjoy that I was in no rush to aim for the big O. 


I also love to enjoy rabbit vibrators externally and with Soraya wave, that was no different. In fact, I would recommend using it externally to build up some arousal before inserting it. 


The shape is very ergonomic for holding thanks to ts looped handle, the shape and dimensions of the shaft and clitoral stimulator. It is so ergonomic that I was able to enjoy it hands-free. 

ORGASM-O-BILITY: Incredible. Even before actually having the orgasm, it was orgasmic. The different waves were very arousing and I loved the fact that I could use it hands-free. I definitely think this enhances erotic fantasy as it is easier to imagine that another person is stimulating you than when you are holding the object yourself. 

PROS: Ergonomic to hold and to stimulate. Incredible pleasure patterns. Can be enjoyed hands-free. Long-lasting battery. Elegant packaging. Travel lock. Super orgasmic. 


CONS: It’s not cheap. I would have liked some more pleasure patterns. 




  • Highly effective G spot and clitoral stimulation.
  • Using hands-free while you use your hands for other things. 
  • Demanding women. 
  • A very special gift.


For more information about Soraya Wave, visit www.lelo.com 

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