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LELO Soraya Beads Review – Luxurious Anal Training 

I must confess that anal stimulation isn’t my thing. Despite this, I profoundly acknowledge the pleasure that the anus can provide. For example, the entrance of the anus is very sensitive and indulging in rimming, that is to say, licking this area can be very pleasurable indeed. 


It goes without saying that hygiene is very important when indulging in anal play. Moreover, if you intend to insert anything whether it be a finger or a toy, it is very important to be relaxed and to use abundant quantities of lubricant. 


It’s true that many anal sex toys on the market tend to be quite intimidating, especially if you’re new to anal stimulation. That’s what’s so great about Soraya Beads from LELO. It is perfect for what is known as ‘anal training’. That is to say, gradually building up your anal pleasure capacities. 

SORAYA Beads is the latest addition to the LELO Insignia range and is their first anal

stimulating device specifically designed for those who are just starting to explore anal play.

It was created to move into the anal play niche sphere, offering 4 anal beads in total, gradually

sculpted in size to provide a gentle start with the smallest, building up to the largest bead for

more experienced users.


SORAYA Beads offers 8 different modes to experience and explore anal pleasure. It also features innovative Bow-MotionTM technology, insìred by the movements of violin players.  In addition, the cascading pleasure design features 4 gradually increasing anal beads for maximum comfort when exploring anal pleasure so you can increase the intensity in a gradual manner. 


And if you wish to stay on the smallest bead, that is fine too. Soraya Beads offers a whole array of pleasure possibilities that go beyond anal pleasure. 


Read on to discover more ways to use it. 


PACKAGING: As with all LELO products, Soraya Beads are presented in an elegant box that is ideal for offering as a gift. Inside you will find a USB charging cable, a warranty registration card that will provide a year warranty and a ten-year quality guarantee. There is also a sachet of LELO personal lubricant which is paraben and glycerin-free. You will also find a soft drawstring storage pouch. 

MATERIAL: Soraya Beads is made from premium quality silicone. It is waterproof up to IPX7 quality meaning that you can use the product in the bath or the shower. The fact that it’s also waterproof means that it is easy to clean. 

STRENGTH OF MOTOR: From gentle to moderate. 

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. Check out my video review below for a complete soundcheck. 


USABILITY: LELO Soraya Beads are quite intuitive to use. After unboxing it, I had to deactivate the travel lock. To do so, all you have to do is press the (+) and the (-) buttons together at the same time for 3 seconds. To reactivate the travel lock, you do the same. 

If you’re new to anal play, you can use the tip of the toy to gently tease the entrance of the anus which is an area full of nerve endings. It’s nice to stimulate this area before any penetration occurs.


When indulging in anal training, make sure to use lubricant on the tip of the toy, take a deep breath and slowly introduce the first anal bead. Then take some time to get used to the sensation and just enjoy it. You don’t have to insert any more beads unless you want to. You could perform anal training over several sessions and gradually work yourself up to being comfortable with inserting the whole toy. 


It’s important to wash the product before every use and if you want to enjoy it vaginally or clitorally, make sure you clean it after it has been inside your anus to prevent infections. 


It can also be interesting to use it without switching it on. After all, not all anal toys vibrate. It can be fun to combine anal stimulation with another toy for clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation or even during cunnilingus or masturbation. Having something inside your anus definitely enhances the intensity and quality of an orgasm that is provoked by clitoral stimulation. It’s incredible! 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: For orgasms, I had to use Soraya Beads externally as a clitoral stimulator. I used the tip of the toy against my clitoral glans, this is the smallest bead and it provided direct, pinpoint stimulation which was fantastic. 

When used anally, it was pleasant but not orgasmic. Despite this, it can enhance any orgasm provoked by clitoral stimulation either through another toy, a lover’s tongue, hands or even your own hands. 


PROS: Ergonomic looped handle. Soft premium grade silicone. Waterproof. Silent. Versatile. Elegant packaging. Travel lock. 


CONS: Given that it’s a luxury product, it’s not cheap. 




  • Anal training for those who are new to anal stimulation. 
  • External and internal anal stimulation, 
  • Vaginal stimulation. 
  • Clitoral stimulation. 

For more information about LELO Soraya Beads, click here.

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