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“This might be hard to believe, but Im actually quite shy. I get social anxiety during public appearances and even though Ive made hundreds of videos, I still feel nervous when I press the record button. The thought of making a live broadcast is quite terrifying but @lelo_official have convinced me to take over their Instagram this coming Sunday so that I can finally pop my live broadcast cherry. Im going to talk about, SONA, LELOgasms and Id be more than happy to answer your questions. Follow the Lelo account to connect to my very first live broadcast! We will confirm a time v soon. Hope to see you there!”

This is what I posted on Instagram Stories prior to my LELO Instagram takeover.

How can you be shy and get naked on your website?people often ask me.

Strangely enough, taking belfies and naked selfies is less intimidating than a live broadcast. For some, this may seem like a huge contradiction. But for me, its just the way I am.

I must admit that live broadcasts really arent my thing if Im entirely honest. Despite this, I was more than willing to give it a go when LELO asked me to take over their account a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes in life, you need a push to take you to the next level. I believe that discomfort is necessary for growth, and for that, Im truly grateful.

Although Im shy, I do realise that my only obstacle in fulfilling my mission of raising orgasmic awareness is my own timid character. If this werent the case, I would no doubt be making many more live broadcasts and I probably wouldnt feel nervous about them.

I’m not at that stage yet, however.

But, I am making some efforts in that direction.

In May this year, I set myself a 30-day challenge and uploaded daily videos to my YouTube channel. By day 24, I was making one takevideos.

In spite of my progress, I do like my shyness. I find it can be endearing and I love the fact that I can be provocative without being in your facewhen it comes to discussing sexuality. Interestingly, talking about intimacy doesnt faze me at all. I feel strangely confident when discussing orgasm.


I didnt really know how to prepare for a live broadcast. So, I got some of my favourite LELO products and waited on my sofa for the scheduled time. After a few niggles logging in, I started to talk about my experience with Sona, a powerful clitoral stimulator that is celebrating its first birthday. I went into great detail when I described how the sonic waves felt against my clitoris and suddenly, I felt relaxed and confident.  There was a user who wrote that my description was so convincing, that she bought it then and there. If you’re tempted, do make the most of the discounts!

I talked about some of my other LELO favourites, including the sex toy that taught me how to have multiple orgasms on tap and the technique I used. If you’re curious, all you have to do is increase the friction and pressure of the stimulation when your delicious orgasmic spasms are beginning to subside. If you’re lucky, they just might build up again and again…

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“What about G spot stimulation?” – another user asked. Gigi 2, of course!

Gigi 2 is a slim G spot stimulator  which is easy to insert and is ideal for those who don’t want a huge phallic toy. If you enjoy dual stimulation, you can use it in combination with a clitoral stimulator. I love using 2 sex toys at the same time, personally. But, if you want one toy to take care of all your orgasmic needs, or if you’re very capricious, then I would recommend Ina Wave, which provides precise G spot and clitoral stimulation. The phallic part even waves in a ‘come hither’ motion that feels like heaven against the G spot.

LELO Sex toys, G spot stimulator, clitoral stimulator, sex toy tester, prostate stimulation, perineal stimulation, venusohara, venus o'hara, venusohara.org

I was also asked about sex toys for men. Although I do not have a prostate or a penis of my own, if you do, I would recommend Hugo or Bruno for prostate and perineal stimulation. For more experienced anal users, there is LOKI, which provides deeper stimulation.  If you prefer to stimulate the penis, then LELO have just launched a stroker, more specifically, the F1s Developer’s Kit which claims to be the most high-tech male pleasure concept in the world. Maybe Freud was onto something when he talked about penis envy, I wondered to myself when I read the product description…

And what about the LELO toy that has given me the most orgasmic pleasure ever? Well, it has to be SIRI 2, of course, which I have recommended on many of my top 5 sex toy videos.

Although there were a couple of moments where I was tongue-tied and wondering what the hell to say, I actually got right into it. So much so, that I even went on for 10 minutes more than we had scheduled. I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with the extent of my LELO product knowledge that I have acquired through hundreds and hundreds of orgasms on my unmade bed.

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Sona is 50% off!

Oh my God!

To reward me for my efforts the following day, I received LELO’s 15-year anniversary collection BDSM kit. Check out the unboxing here!

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