LELO Ida Wave vs Soraya Wave: Sex Toy Comparison Review

They are both LELO products. They both vibrate and wave, providing vibrating stimulation to the clitoris and a waving motion to the G spot. Despite these similarities, due to the difference in their shapes, the sensations they provide are quite different. 


If you’re doubting about choosing between LELO Ida Wave and Soraya Wave, hopefully, my comparison review will provide you with some clarity. To be honest, I personally hate having to make a choice between two things. Whenever I can, I go for both. In fact, one of my favourite life mantras is: 


Why choose if you can have both?


But, of course, that’s not always possible. 


For this reason, I hope to provide all the necessary information here to facilitate this all-important purchase decision. 


If you’re looking for an effective clitoral stimulator that also provides internal movement, like a moving finger providing powerful G spot stimulation, then these products are ideal. They do vary in size and have some functional differences that will be described below. 

PACKAGING: Just like all LELO products, they are presented in an elegant hard box that is ideal for gifting. They both contain a USB charging cable, a drawstring storage pouch, a sachet of LELO personal moisturiser which is paraben and glycerine free, and a QR code to download the complete user manuals. You will also find a warranty registration card. Once registered on LELO’s website your product will have a one-year warranty and a ten-year quality guarantee. 


STRENGTH OF MOTOR: Both motors are satisfyingly strong however, Soraya Wave is stronger on the shaft and Ida wave is stronger on the external component that stimulates the clitoris. 


PLEASURE PATTERNS: Soraya Wave has 8 different vibration and wave modes and Ida Wave has 10 preset patterns. With Soraya Wave you can also increase or decrease the intensity of any of the patterns. 


If you wish to experiment with different pattern intensities with Ida Wave, you will need to use it with the new LELO app where you can enjoy even more pleasure possibilities. The app is fairly intuitive and has many exciting features that will enhance your self-love experience. It is for close-range control only. Currently, it is not possible to control it from a distance. 


NOISE LEVEL: Soraya Wave is noisier than Ida Wave. To appreciate the difference, please refer to my video comparison review below where you will find a complete soundcheck. I personally don’t care about how loud a sex toy is. This is because I live alone and I don’t care if my neighbours hear me. 


USABILITY: Both products are reasonably intuitive to use. I found Ida Wave slightly easier as there is only one button to switch on and off and go through the different patterns. Both can be used hands-free once inserted, which is great if you want to use your hands for caressing other parts of your body, for typing a hot message or for touching your partner, 


The buttons on Soraya Wave are more intuitive and ergonomic, as it has a looped handle, but Ida Wave stays in place really well that you don’t really need a handle. 


ORGASM-O-BILITY: Both are highly orgasmic, but there is one that was more memorable for me. That is Ida Wave. I remember doubting that the shape would be that good – I have never seen a product with this shape, and a rabbit is more of a classic design… 


I remember thinking that I’d like Ida Wave to have a slightly stronger vibration, but then when my orgasm approached, I enjoyed some sheet-gripping intense spasms that definitely took me by surprise. It goes to show that you don’t need something huge inside in order to enjoy intense dual stimulation. 


Soraya Wave is also highly orgasmic, but I guess it’s more predictable given that the rabbit is a classic shape that has been around for a while, simply because its efficacy is tried and tested by literally millions of women worldwide. 


PROS: Elegant packaging. LELO quality. Highly orgasmic. Waterproof. Soft materials. Long-lasting battery. 


Ida Wave is compatible with the LELO app and has a more original shape and direct size and motor.


CONS: The vibration cannot be used without the toy being in motion. Soraya is quite noisy. 




  • Dual stimulation of the clitoris and the G spot using ‘wave’ technology internally and vibration. 
  • Using hands-free. 
  • Women looking for intense sensations. 
  • LELO fans. 


For more information about LELO Ida Wave and Soraya Wave click on the links. 


Check out my comparison video below to see how much they wave and for the soundcheck. 

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