Latex Panties

No fetish glossary is complete without the latex fetish and it was the right time for me to do my first latex-themed shoot.

I’d put it off for so long because I’d always assumed that the preparation and management of serious latex fetishwear would take a lot of time and – to be honest – I can be a bit lazy sometimes. It was already a hot day and I didn’t want too much mess to tidy up after we’d finished.

To avoid over-complicating the set by wearing an elaborate BDSM latex catsuit, I played it safe and selected a simple pair of latex panties accessorized with a riding crop, red nipple tassels and matching nail-polish. As the temperature rose and my long red hair began to curl, I realised that the session couldn’t go on for as long as I wanted so we had to get started.

My first real doubts began when I saw the latex panties flattened and stuck together in their packaging – they looked enormous. I took them out of their cellophane, opened them up and – to my surprise – they suddenly seemed more my size.

Before this set, I hadn’t bought talcum powder for years and as I began to rub it on myself to help put on the latex panties, I wished I hadn’t – it went everywhere. I ended up with talc on the floor, my hands, and my high-heels. It worked though and when I dragged the latex panties up my thighs and onto my derriere, they fit perfectly.

The smell of the latex panties was stronger than I imagined and it reminded me of old scuba gear or swimming lessons. The day after the set I received a phone call from the photographer and he explained that his fingers still smelt of the latex panties even though he only touched them once to help me into them. His wife was suspicious, naturally.

The most fun I had during the shoot was with the spray-on shiner that I’d bought to bring out the best in the latex panties. I was disappointed by it at first because the heat meant it needed topping up frequently. I quickly understood just why latex is known as a second skin because – with every fresh squirt of shiner – I felt a cold, refreshing caress through the panties and it made my real skin tingle every time. I was glad of the heat then, because every time the latex turned matt I knew I’d get another cooling top up of the spray and the brief but arousing sensual pleasure that went with it.

I’m looking forward to my next latex fetish set already because I know much more about how it works now and even if I have more shiner than I could possibly need, I’ll keep having constant top-ups just because it feels so good.

Lovehoney Sexy Lingerie

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Photos by Andrew O’Hara

14 thoughts on “Latex Panties”

  1. A real diversion from the usual Venus greatness here and it pays dividends…you’ve never looked more perfect in the bum department than in this set. Amazing work.

  2. Throatsprockets

    Are you offering us the crop so that we can use it and see it land on your firm ass and hear the latex crackling every time? Please say yes?

  3. satin_skin_girl

    Can I help you with your next latex set…dressing you in it, I mean? Pulling it on you. Slowly.

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