Khali from Bellesa – Review

Khali from Bellesa

I wake up during the early hours, almost every morning. This usually happens because I need to pay a call to the bathroom. Then, when I go back to bed, I look at the time; it’s usually between 3 and 5 am. Most people are asleep, so it’s a rare moment of absolute silence, which is highly unusual for Barcelona. Despite the prevailing quiet where I am, my clients based in Asia and the US are active. Knowing this, I can’t resist the temptation to get my phone and check my emails, just in case there have been any Venusian business developments while I was asleep. After scrolling through my messages, I realise that I’m now fully awake. Sometimes, I even get out of bed again to do some work at my desk.

Once I’ve taken care of any urgent business located in other time zones, I go back to bed and make sure that I’ve put my phone away. Hoping to avoid any more distractions from my much-needed rest, I close my eyes. When that doesn’t work quickly enough, the only thing that is guaranteed to encourage a mind/body connection is an orgasm. So, I reach out for the conveniently positioned toy that I’m in the process of testing during my official working day. I proceed to stimulate myself with the sole objective of provoking a therapeutic orgasm that will promote a natural state of sleepiness.

For the last few months, I’ve been practising sexual transmutation; simply put, that means I’m channelling my sexual energy towards the realisation of my non-sexual life goals. Some of them are professional objectives and others are personal and/or lifestyle related. The other night, however – when I was testing Kahli, from Bellesa, for the first time – I dedicated my orgasm to those who have yet to enjoy one of their own.

An orgasm is so much more than a mere sexual release; it’s a remedy, for whatever ails you, in its most natural form. A climax can be an ideal treatment for headaches, period pain and insomnia. It is one of my ambitions to enable more women to access this ecstatic therapy.

By pure chance – or perhaps as part of a divine plan – something truly auspicious occurred. A couple of days later, during another bout of insomnia, I checked my phone. One of my followers had written to me on Instagram to declare that she had experienced her first orgasm: ‘I followed your instructions,’ she wrote ‘and it finally happened!’  

Needless to say, I was thrilled. It’s a real privilege to feel like I’m the personal orgasm coach to someone that I’ve never met. An intimate connection with a total stranger can be an intoxicating feeling.

I remember my very first solo orgasm and how – as a result – I finally felt utterly connected to my whole body. It’s no small thing. My breakthrough occurred with the help of a rabbit vibrator. And, I still believe – even after all these years – that a rabbit is an excellent device with which to begin.

Khali is an elegant rabbit vibrator from Bellesa. When I first saw an image of it online, I was intrigued by its curved shaft; it seemed ideally shaped for high-quality G spot stimulation. I also thought it would be ideal as a visual ingredient for one of my ongoing orgasmic breakfast posts. It does look good enough to eat. Its rippled shaft provides extra internal stimulation where it really counts and the distinctive rabbit ears provide intense clitoral stimulation.

As well as having 2 separate motors, Khali has 7 distinct vibration settings. A chosen setting is indicated by its own distinct colour, which is displayed by an LED fitted into the base of the toy. This feature reminded me of a ‘Mood Stone” or crystal.

PACKAGING: Khali is presented in an elegant box, making it ideal for a gift or for storage purposes. It also contains a USB charging cable and instructions.

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MATERIAL: Silicone, compatible with water-based lubricant. It’s also waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the bath or in the shower.

STRENGTH OF VIBRATION: Powerful, deep and rumbly vibrations.

NOISE LEVEL: Nothing scandalous. Khali can be used during the early hours of the morning with no problem.

USABILITY: It takes 2 to charge the toy and that will provide you with 2 hours of pleasure.

It’s easy to insert, thanks to its contoured shape. I became aware of the G spot stimulation it provides even before switching it on. There are 2 buttons, which become the ‘eyes’ of the rabbit. As the settings are colour coded, it’s easy to remember your favourite ones. I adore Blue and Green; they are the strongest, continuous settings.

Khali’s shape is incredibly effective. The curved shaft is ideal for precision G spot stimulation. When I used it externally, however, instead of using the rabbit ears to stimulate the clitoris and the shaft to stimulate the perineum and entrance of the vagina – as I usually would with a rabbit vibe – I used the curved tip of the shaft to stimulate my clitoris, as the motor is located there.

Khali from Bellesa, rabbit vibrator, dual stimulation, clitoral stimulation, g spot stimulation, external stimulation, venusohara,, rechargeable vibrators

ORGASM-O-BILITY: I’ve used this toy many times over the last few days, both internally and externally. The orgasms are absolutely amazing thanks to the motor. I love exploiting the tip for lazy, external stimulation. But, when used internally, the orgasm is a lot more intense.

PROS: Precise G spot stimulation. Elegant packaging. Intense sensations. Intuitive controls. Versatile. For internal or external use. Long lasting battery.

CONS: I have yet to find one… the only thing would be that there is no storage pouch included, but that’s not so serious.


  • Dual stimulation. Clitoral and G spot stimulation.
  • External stimulation.
  • Fans of rabbit vibrators.


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Check out my video review here!

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